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These pages were originally created by the former Clerk to the Council for the benefit of Wexham Court residents and visitors to our neighbourhood.

Information items are accurate up to February 2015 (when the Clerk's employment was terminated) and are in the public domain. Should any subsequent documents or data be required then a Freedom of Information request will need to be submitted to the Parish Council since their new Website is devoid of any statutory information. You could start by emailing the Assistant Clerk Finance - - but regrettably a response from the council cannot be guaranteed.

(Please go to the 'Useful Information' section in the Site Index to see the council's last published

Freedom of Information Act document)



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Congratulations to everyone who voted to leave the EU

on 23rd June 2016.

You have helped to secure a brighter future and

we can now set about putting the Great back in Britain.


(North of Norway Drive)



(Spring blossom erupts / Wexham Road in snow / the old oak in Mansel Close at sunset)


(View of Wexham Lodge from amenity field)




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