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The Origins of Slough

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The Parish of Wexham Court is a multi-cultural community, as one would expect being part of the diverse population of Slough. The Borough of Slough, in general, comes under fire time and again from people who seek to degrade us. However, many of the people who live here have an appreciation of the long and noteworthy history of our town and are proud of its remarkable origins.  (Picture: Old photograph of Wexham Post Office and cottages.)

Wexham, in particular, is a pleasant area on the northern outskirt of the town, adjoining Stoke Green and Wexham Springs, and is in close proximity to areas of natural beauty such as Black Park, Langley Park, and Burnham Beeches.

The contents of these Web pages provide a guide for residents, including information about our local council and pages on the history and origins of Slough. Please browse the Site Index on the home page. 

(Picture: Wexham Lodge, one of our oldest and best known landmarks.  Please click here for more information.)


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(Picture: Parish Church of St. Mary's, Wexham.  Although this is now outside the boundary of the Civic Parish, it remains within our Parochial Parish area.)