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The Parish Council held its first fundraising event for the Air Ambulance Trust in 2006.  These occasions take the form of a social evening attended by staff and Councillors and funds are raised by way of a raffle, the proceeds of which are equalled by us thus doubling the amount.  Prizes are donated by Members/Officers and staff, and also by some local companies.  On the 8th December 2006 a total of 465 was raised, which included an additional donation of 50 from Hanover Housing Association who were at the time building the residential elderly care homes within our Parish.

A meeting was subsequently arranged with Mrs Stevie Horton, who was then TVAC's Head of Fundraising at White Waltham, attended by the Finance Clerk and myself, to present our cheque.  (Pictured here is Mrs Horton receiving the cheque from our Finance Clerk, Mrs Tina Kellett)

During our visit we met several volunteers and learned that the TVAC Air Ambulance Trust is a charity which is funded entirely by sponsorship, donations and fundraising.  A total of 126,000 had to be raised each month to fund the running costs.  In light of this we felt that the 465 we had raised seemed rather insignificant.  However, Mrs Horton kindly pointed out that the air ambulance used approximately 65 worth of fuel each time it was launched and our donation would therefore fund around seven journeys.

TVAC recognises the efforts involved in arranging such fundraising events and all donations, no matter how large or small, are equally appreciated.

The Parish Council has since been holding similar fundraising events during the Festive Season on an annual basis thus providing continuing support for this organisation, and also for the benefit of those of us who may one day be in need of the vital service they provide.  Annual updates are included below.  For further information about TVAC, and how you can make a donation or offer your voluntary support, please visit their website on the following link:

2007 Update

The Parish Council held the second event on the 14th December 2007 and a total of 626 was raised.  Our sincere thanks to Wexham Bowls Club for once again allowing us the use of their clubhouse for the occasion.

2008 Update

Our third annual fundraising evening was held on the 12th December 2008.  In addition to the raffle prizes personally provided by the Councillors and staff several quality items were kindly donated by (in alphabetical order) Black & Decker, Sainsburys, Sara Lee and Tefal.  The Parish Council would like to convey our sincere thanks to all those who supported the event, including the abovementioned companies and also our friends, family and colleagues who purchased raffle tickets prior to the draw. 

More than forty prizes were up for grabs this year and 902 was raised.  This included a donation by the Wexham Bowls Club to round up the total, having already kindly given us the use of their premises free of charge for the third year running. 

TVAC now has a new red and yellow helicopter - the EC135 Eurocopter - about which further information can be found on their website (link above).

2009 Update

Our fourth annual charity fundraising event was held on the 11th December 2009 and included a total of 45 raffle prizes, some of which were kindly donated by Boots, Debenhams, Sainsburys and Sara Lee.  Once again a big 'thank you' to these companies, and to our small team of Parish Councillors and staff who support these events.  Thanks also to Wexham Bowls Club who again provided the venue.

A total of 952 was raised this year, to be split equally between the Air Ambulance Trust and Help for Heroes.  Arrangements are made to present cheques to the chosen charities in the New Year.

2010 Update

The fifth Christmas fundraising evening took place on the 10th December 2010 and was well attended, as always, by the Parish Councillors & staff and some special guests.  Wexham Bowls Club kindly allowed us the use of their premises again.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who supported this event by purchasing raffle tickets and providing prizes.  These included a festive hamper donated by one of our regular contractors, IPS Fencing (01753 645253), a framed painting donated by Wexham School, and some gift items donated by Boots.

The charities chosen to benefit from this year's total of 1,074 are the Air Ambulance Trust, Help for Heroes, and Pet Therapy.


2011 Update


Our sixth annual event took place on the 9th December 2011 at the Wexham Bowls Club, whose support is always appreciated for offering us the use of their clubhouse.


Local companies - IPS Fencing, Tesco, Black & Decker, Boots & Wilkinsons - provided raffle prizes, and the Chairman's employer - Allprint Supplies - made a generous donation of 100.  Sincere thanks to all these companies, and to the Councillors and staff who provided the remainder of the prizes.  Thanks also to all who supported the event by buying raffle tickets, and to the Bowls Club members who ran the bar and helped out on the night.


Despite the sale of raffle tickets having dwindled due to the current recession, a total of 926 was still raised.  The charities chosen to receive this are the Air Ambulance Trust, the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals), and the NSPCC.


2012 Update






The seventh fundraising evening took place on the 14th December 2012 and our sincere thanks is extended to the Wexham Bowls Club, as always, for the use of their venue and the kind support of their members.








The event was also supported by Councillors Carl Egan (Chairman), Robert Aldridge, and Vinay Vyas, together with retired Councillor Dave Davies and various members of staff.  These Members, the Clerk, and staff provided the prizes for a small raffle.







Despite the few attendees, we had a most enjoyable evening owing to good company and lively conversation.







The Parish Council approved a donation of 1,000 and this year's chosen charities are the Air Ambulance Trust, Age Concern, and the PDSA.





Many thanks to those Members and staff who have previously worked together to make these annual events possible.

2013 Update

The new Parish Council decided that no Annual Christmas Charity Fundraising Event would take place this year, but the customary donation to the Air Ambulance Trust was still approved.

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