ANNUAL REPORT 2005/2006 


Members and Officers at end of year

Councillor Mrs Evelyn Aldridge, 353 Uxbridge Road,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5RG. (Tel: 01753 526438) (Ind)


Councillor Robert Aldridge, 4 Welden, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5SJ. (Tel: 01753 732565) (Ind)


Councillor Bryan Corps, 42 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 532309) (Ind)


Councillor Dave Davies, 96 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 670693) (Ind)


Councillor Henry Egan, 44 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 534924) (Ind) (Chairman)


Councillor Simon Goddard, 18 The Cherries, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5TS. (Tel: 01753 520924) (Ind) (Vice-Chair)


Councillor Tony Haines, 537 Rochfords Gardens,

Slough, SL2 5XG. (Tel: 01753 538263) (Ind)


Councillor Mrs Cheryl Hemming, 21 Farm Crescent,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5TQ. (Tel: 01753 524930) (Ind)


Councillor Gavin Hemming, 21 Farm Crescent,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5TQ. (Tel: 01753 524930) (Ind)


Councillor David MacIsaac, 156 Knolton Way, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5RY. (Tel: 01753 532774) (Ind)


Councillor Dalip Rajput, 12 Shaggy Calf Lane,

Slough, SL2 5HJ. (Tel: (mobile) 07958 192226) (Ind)


Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Dianne Egan, 44 Norway Drive,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 534924)


Finance Clerk:  Mrs Tina Kellett, Sedgemere, Stonecroft

Avenue, Iver, Bucks, SL0 9QG. (Tel: 01753 651790)

* * * * *




I am pleased to once again have the opportunity to present to you the Parish Council’s Annual Report.  I would like to thank the Clerk on behalf of the Council for her assistance in producing this report.  Furthermore, I would like to thank my fellow Members and all our staff members for their varied contributions to the efficient running of the Parish as a whole.  Our collective aim is to continue serving the people of Wexham Court and to represent your best interests.


This has been another busy year for our Officers and some of our Members, and has included continuing negotiations with the Borough Council regarding the renewal of the Parish leases.  I can confirm that it has now been officially agreed by the current Borough Administration that, upon completion of the plans for the proposed elderly care homes on the land north of the Norway Drive amenity field, a proportion of the land remaining will be added to our lease.


The building proposals and associated arrangements in this regard have unfortunately been a very lengthy task, which has delayed the progress of our negotiations.  However, we are assured that the matter will be concluded in the near future.


We have two Borough Councillors serving on the Parish Council, and this enables us to maintain a close relationship with the Borough Council.  We continue to invite them to attend each Meeting and to report on local activities of the Borough Council.  The Borough Members are always willing to take up matters on behalf of the Parish residents.


The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday in each month (except August and January) at 7:30 p.m.  Members of the public are invited to attend each meeting, part of which is reserved for the public to ask questions or raise issues.  Not all the issues raised are matters which the Parish Council can act upon, but Members are able to offer advice or perhaps initiate action elsewhere. 

During the year we published and delivered a Newsletter to every dwelling in the Parish containing information of interest to residents.  Parish Councillors delivered these free of charge to keep costs to a minimum.  We welcome your comments either at Council Meetings or to individual Members. 


The Parish Council has continued its partnership with our local schools and several meetings have taken place during the year.  Councillors Dave Davies, Robert Aldridge, and our Clerk have been working with the Head Teachers of both the primary and secondary schools with the view to strengthening our good relationship with them.  We have introduced an annual Parish Council Awards scheme for both schools, and are also working with Wexham School on an initiative to promote the representation of local young people at Parish meetings.


The Parish Council will also be continuing its support of the local Bowls Club and will be presenting a trophy to the winner of the Charity Open Day match.  Wexham Bowls Club holds a charity day every year and monies raised are presented to the winner’s nominated charity, which has previously included the Heart Foundation and Cancer Research.


I would also like to mention our new Beat Officer, Cerrig Shardlow, and commend him for his dedication and hard work during the past year.  Although Wexham has the lowest crime rate in the whole of the Slough area, he has nevertheless had a major impact on vandalism, car crime, and anti-social behaviour.  Residents in particular have commented on his presence in the community and his impact on local young people.


This year the Parish Council are planning to renovate the Cherries Play Area and replace some of the older items with more up-to-date equipment.  Councillors Dave Davies, Robert Aldridge, and the Clerk have played (excuse the pun!) a major role in progressing this project and have held several site meetings with various contractors with a view to providing the most appropriate equipment at the best price.  We are hoping to carry out this work in late spring of this year.


Parish Council Members and Officers deal with a wide range of matters, some of which are raised by residents at the monthly meetings.  You will find a fuller explanation of some of our activities in the centre pages of this booklet, ‘WCPC… YOUR PARISH COUNCIL… what do we do for you?’


Residents are encouraged to make use of and to look after the facilities and amenities provided, including the Parish Hall.  Several other amenities including the Bowls Green (by appointment), Tennis Courts, and Allotments are also available to the public.  Children’s play equipment in The Cherries is regularly inspected by Slough Borough Council and the Parish Council and is due for renovation this year.  Football posts and nets were provided in The Cherries at the request of local youths and this has helped to prevent the occurrence of vandalism.


The majority of Council Members live within the Parish and are privileged to represent the local people with whom they share many common interests.  We all make ourselves available to be contacted at home and now also have a website (www.wexhamcourt.co.uk), which is managed and maintained by our Clerk, through which all Members can be contacted.  Since the website was introduced there have been hundreds of visitors to the site.  It contains information about the Parish Council and our local area, and meeting minutes are also published on the site. 


We welcome members of the public to monthly meetings and represent their collective views wherever possible.  I would like to thank the residents of Wexham Court for their continued support at Council meetings and during the year too.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year.



* * * * *




PARISH PRECEPT - The Council are disappointed that we have not been able to decrease the Parish Precept for this year.  This has been due to additional costs resulting from vandalism and anti-social behaviour and it is hoped that the measures we have taken this year will enable us to continue to maintain the standard of our service.


PARISH HALL - The Parish Hall remains a popular venue for meetings, parties and weddings.  In addition there are various regular events that are of benefit to the community including Tae Kwon Do school on Mondays, an Asian Drummers class on Tuesdays, Player’s Club on Fridays, and Glad Tidings Group meetings every Sunday. 


The hall is currently having some essential works carried out, some of which are necessary to comply with the constant changes in building/Health & Safety regulations.  Other works include repairs to the roof and redecoration. 


There have also been some additional costs involved due to vandalism and the inconsiderate behaviour of some residents.  This has included the replacement of the lettering on the hall due to mindless vandalism, and the installation of additional kerbing around the car park to prevent damage to the green areas.  Some of you will have seen the current damage cased by joy-riders, and there is one resident who has seen fit to drive 4x4 vehicles in and around the amenity field.  These extra costs have had an impact on this year’s precept.


The Council offers the facilities at reasonable rates and Parish residents enjoy a discounted rate.  Enquiries can be made with the Booking Clerk on 01753 574945. 


Please remember that we also rely on residents to act as the Parish’s eyes and ears in reporting criminal activities to the Police.  If you see anything illegal or suspicious taking place on the Estate please contact the Police or any one of your local Councillors.  Local youths need to be reminded that any damage they cause is paid for by their fellow residents, neighbours and, ultimately, their own parents, through the Parish Precept.


COMMUNITY CARE - The Council continues to make Grants to Community Groups working in the Parish.  Police representatives are invited to attend our meetings and do so on a regular basis.  A good deal of progress in dealing with crime and vandalism has been made in the Parish, including the removal of abandoned and untaxed vehicles.


BERKSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCILS - The Parish Council continues to be a Member of the National Association of Local Councils and the Berkshire Association of Local Councils.


STANDARDS COMMITTEE - The conduct of Members of Parish Councils is regulated by the Government and we have a representative on this Committee.


BOWLING GREEN - The Wexham Bowls Club lease the Green from the Parish Council.  The Club continue to make a rink available to the public when not required for competitions.  Application should be made to the Club.


TENNIS COURTS - The Tennis Courts have been completely renovated during the last year, and they continue to be a popular attraction throughout the seasons. This project incurred a substantial cost out of the Parish Precept and we would therefore ask that residents and their children have respect for the facilities and only use the courts for tennis.  The playing of football, cricket, or any other inappropriate pastime will not be permitted and any damage caused to the new surface will be charged to the perpetrators.


Following these essential works, the courts were officially re-opened in June, 2005, and the event was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor David MacIsaac, and tennis celebrity Alex Bogdanovic.  The Parish Council has joined in partnership with the City Tennis Club, who provide affordable coaching sessions to make tennis more accessible for all.  In addition the tennis courts continue to be made available for use by our local school on a daily basis, and this facility is free of charge to all residents. 


PLANNING MATTERS - The Parish Council reviews planning applications for properties in the Parish and makes comments and representations to the Borough Council on behalf of the residents.


MEMBERSHIP - There have been some changes to the current Membership of the Parish Council during the past year.  Councillors David and Barbara Turner left and were replaced by Councillors David MacIsaac and Cheryl Hemming (who have therefore not had the opportunity to attend all meetings during the current year, as indicated below).


Attendance at Meetings of Full Council (11 Members, total of 12 meetings), and Finance & General Purposes Committee (4 Members, total of 6 meetings), during the last municipal year is as shown below: -

*(Please note that Cllr Corps’ attendance has been restricted due to ill health)


Evelyn Aldridge   8

Robert Aldridge   8 / 5

Bryan Corps   3 *(see note above)

Dave Davies   9 / 5

Henry Egan   12

Simon Goddard   4 / 3

Tony Haines   4

Cheryl Hemming   4 (of a possible 4)

Gavin Hemming   9 / 3

David MacIsaac   6 (of a possible 8)

Dalip Rajput   8



Meetings of the Health & Safety Working Group also take place periodically for the purpose of carrying out inspections and risk assessments.

* * * * *

Note:  A hard copy of the Annual Report, including an invitation to the Annual General Parish Assembly, is delivered to every household in the Parish.  This year's Report also included other information items, including photographs of the Councillors, that are already published elsewhere on this website.

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