Note:  A hard copy of the Annual Report, including an invitation to the Annual General Parish Assembly, is delivered to every household in the Parish.  As previously this year's Report also included other information items that are already published elsewhere on this website.  Although the format of the paper report differs from the format below, the items included contain the same content.


Councillor Mrs Evelyn Aldridge, 353 Uxbridge Road,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5RG. (Tel: 01753 526438) (Ind)


Councillor Robert Aldridge, 4 Welden, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5SJ. (Tel: 01753 732565) (Ind)


Councillor Ms Pauline Cordery, Wexham, Slough.

(Tel: (mobile) 07985 589674) (Ind)


Councillor Bryan Corps, 42 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 532309) (Ind)


Councillor Dave Davies, 96 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 670693) (Ind) (Chairman)


Councillor Patrick Donachy, Wexham, Slough.

(Tel: (mobile) 07775 781508) (Ind)


Councillor Tony Haines, 537 Rochfords Gardens,

Slough, SL2 5XG. (Tel: 01753 538263) (Ind)


Councillor David MacIsaac, 156 Knolton Way, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5RY. (Tel: 01753 532774) (Ind)


Councillor Dalip Rajput, 12 Shaggy Calf Lane,

Slough, SL2 5HJ. (Tel: (mobile) 07958 192226) (Ind)


Councillor Vinay Vyas, 12 Almons Way, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5UE. (Tel: 01753 673405) (Ind)


Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Dianne Egan, 44 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 534924)


Finance Clerk:  Mrs Tina Kellett, Sedgemere, Stonecroft

Avenue, Iver, Bucks, SL0 9QG. (Tel: 01753 651790)

Note: Miss Dianne Walker has recently stood down as a Councillor for family/work reasons and this has left a vacancy.

* * * * *



(Prepared by Chairman Dave Davies and Dianne Egan, Clerk)

I’m now in my third year as Parish Council Chairman and, once again, I am pleased to present to you our Annual Report.   

I find my role as Chairman largely enjoyable, challenging, interesting, and fulfilling.  However, I regret that at times it can also be tiring, thankless, and frustrating!  This is particularly the case when trying to seek resolutions to ongoing issues that affect us all; two examples of this being local planning and development concerns, and abuse of grass verges and footpaths.  The Parish Council unfortunately has no direct powers to deal with such matters, but we continue to lobby the Borough Council to take appropriate action.  Preparations are currently underway to produce a Parish Plan for Wexham, which it is hoped may add more weight to our efforts, although it will be some time before this official and very detailed document is ready to be published.

Like many of our Members, my full-time employment leaves me with limited spare time, but the majority of the time I do have available is spent carrying out my duties as a Councillor.  Indeed, the Clerk and I often jest that we see far too much of each other!  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t have a meeting to attend, or documents to prepare, or pressing matters to discuss.  We also attend various civic events organised by the Borough Council, which often prove to be informative and enjoyable social occasions.


(Left: the Chairman and Clerk attending the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Celebration) 


Whenever time allows, I carry out regular estate inspections for the purpose of highlighting items that may need attention, and this provides an additional opportunity for residents to approach me whilst I’m out and about.  I also attend the annual Remembrance Day service, and a poppy wreath is laid on behalf of the Parish.

As always, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Clerk, Dianne, and the Finance Clerk, Tina, whose assistance and dedication make my role a whole lot more enjoyable than it would otherwise be.  My thanks also to my fellow Members for their support, and to our small team of staff who efficiently attend to the needs of the Parish Hall and hirers on a daily basis.  The success of the Parish Council is wholly due to the collective teamwork of the Members and staff for the benefit of our residents.

Contact details for all your Parish Councillors and Officers are included in this Annual Report and you may therefore wish to keep it at hand for future reference.  We make ourselves available to be contacted at varying times and also via email from our website, www.wexhamcourt.co.uk.  This is maintained by the Clerk, who is happy to respond to messages or pass enquiries on to Members. 

Please bear in mind that Parish Councillors are not paid for their work in the Community and cannot be on duty 24 hours per day.  If you witness any criminal activities or antisocial behaviour these should be reported to the Police.  We are assured that, even if a Police Officer is unable to attend straight away, all calls are logged and the information provided can be used to build a case-file relating to various incidents or persons.  It should be made clear to any young people who are involved in such behaviour that any local damage they cause is paid for by their fellow residents, neighbours and, ultimately, their own parents, through the Parish Precept.

In closing, I would like to remind residents that the Parish Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday in each month (except for January and August) at the Parish Hall, commencing at 7:30 p.m.  You are welcome to attend any of these meetings to raise any issues or concerns you may have, or just to come along and hear what’s happening on the local grapevine. 

The Members and Officers of Wexham Court Parish Council will look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

Dave Davies, Chairman

* * * * *



Although the country is now in recession Council Tax bills continue to increase substantially.  Slough Borough Council is no exception and has again raised the overall amount charged by a further 4.95% this year. 

However, your Parish council are pleased to confirm that in Wexham Court the amount payable by each household for the Parish element of the Council Tax continues to show a reduction.

Even whilst keeping the Precept at this controlled level we are still managing to maintain and improve the services we provide - including the Parish Hall and recreational grounds; the Tennis Courts; The Cherries Play Area; and the allotment site.  This is wholly due to efficient management and careful budgeting on our part.

This is a significant achievement as we get no annual financial assistance from the Borough, and have to fund all the Parish recreational amenities ourselves.  Our tennis facilities are rated as one of the best in Slough, and the renovations carried out at The Cherries Play Area has improved the space provided for our younger residents.

Wexham Court Parish Council will continue to spend your money wisely for as long as our current Independent and non-political status endures.  Our key priority is always to represent the best interests of the people of Wexham, and we take the greatest of pride in serving you and addressing your needs.

* * *


Due to LABGI funding recently secured by the Wexham Lea Borough Councillors our Policing Team has obtained three new illuminated speed warning devices.  These are being placed in prominent areas on the estate where speeding tends to be a problem.  Initial trials have proven successful in slowing down approaching traffic as drivers are made aware of their speeds.  The additional advantage of these devices is that they can be moved around the estate to different locations as required.  It is hoped that, as drivers become more aware of these devices, speed will become less of a problem within our Parish.

* * *


We regret to advise that the proposal put forward last year for a Multi-Games Area next to the tennis courts had to be shelved.  This was due to the negative responses received from nearby residents to our consultation, which narrowly outweighed the residents who were in favour.  The Parish Council listens to the views of our electorate and it was therefore decided that the project could not go ahead in view of the majority opposition to it.

However, we continue to place great importance on the provision of recreational facilities for our local young people.  We are therefore utilising some of the funds that were put aside for the shelved project to support other youth activities within the Parish, including events being organised by the Ya-Rah Association and use of existing Wexham School facilities.

* * *


Wexham Court Parish Council continues to lobby the Borough Council to tackle this ongoing problem by whatever means is necessary, including prosecution of offenders in accordance with the local bylaws that are already in place.

* * * * *




The Parish Hall is well used for various private events which provide an income to manage and maintain it. Regular functions also take place that are of benefit to the community, including the following:

Dohl Drums practice

Every Tuesday, 7-9pm, except for the 2nd Tuesday of each month when Parish Council meetings take place.

Karate training

(organised by Ya-Rah Association)

Every Thursday, 6.30-8.30pm

Glad Tidings Fellowship meetings

(religious worship)

 Every Sunday, 11am-3pm

  In addition, Wexham School continues to make use of the Hall during the daytime pending completion of their building works.

Rates of hire are reviewed annually by the Finance & General Purpose Committee and we continue to offer discounted rates for Parish residents and community groups.  Enquiries in regard to hiring of the Parish Hall can be made with our Booking Clerk, Lynne, on 01753 574945.     

* * *


The CCTV system that was installed last year to oversee the Parish Hall & grounds (including the Bowls Club) has virtually eradicated the incidents of vandalism and antisocial behaviour that were being suffered. The system is monitored by the Clerk and Chairman and has since been upgraded to provide better coverage of the premises. 

* * *


The Parish Council continues to support the schools in our area by awarding annual trophies and prizes for the outstanding achievement of a deserving pupil designated by each school.  Councillors also attend regular meetings with representatives of Wexham School in relation to local matters that are of joint concern.

* * *


The Tennis Courts are made freely available for the public and are well used throughout the year.  However, please be reminded that football, cricket, cycling, dog-walking, and any other inappropriate pastime is not permitted since such activities can cause damage to the surface which is expensive to repair.

Further improvements including new fencing, a turnstile (plus a side-gate to comply with disabled access requirements), and an entrance path have recently been installed at the courts.  Part of the cost of this project was Government funded, thus enabling the Parish Council to obtain fencing of a higher quality which offers better security and protection of the facility.

* * *


Wexham Bowls Club operates independently under a sub-Lease.  A rink is available for public use when not required for competitions, and a trophy is presented on behalf of the Parish Council in support of their annual Charity Day.  The club will always welcome new members and you should apply direct for further information.

* * *


The Play Area was upgraded by the Parish Council three years ago and is in constant use by the younger members of our Community.  We are now considering additional work to improve the existing play facilities and further enhance the area.

Please note that the equipment in The Cherries Play Area is intended for use only by children up to 14 years old.  If you witness any abuse or vandalism taking place, please contact the Police or the Community Warden team.

Cutting of the grass and litter collection is the responsibility of Slough Borough Council and residents should contact the Parks Department if this is not done. 

* * *



A website is managed by the Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council and this comprises various documents and information items that may be of use to our residents and visitors to the local area.  You are invited to browse our pages and sign our guestbook, and you are also welcome to contact the Clerk or any of the Councillors from the email link provided.

* * *


The Parish Council continues to make grants to Community Groups working in the Parish, including St Mary’s Church and the Wexham Brownies.  We also organise an annual Christmas fundraising event, the proceeds of which are presented to a charity organisation that is considered to be worthy of our support.  For the past three years the funds raised have been donated to Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance.  Further details can be found on our website. 

* * *


The Parish Council continues to subscribe to membership of the National Association of Local Councils, and the Community Council for Berkshire, both of whom offer advice to Local Authorities.

* * *


The Parish Council reviews planning applications relating to properties within the Parish and makes comments and representations to the Borough Council on behalf of our residents.  Our objections have been successful on numerous occasions in preventing undesirable applications from being approved.  However, it should be noted that the final decision in respect of any given application rests with the SBC Planning Department or the Planning Inspectorate, who often approve inappropriate developments despite our formal objections.

* * *


Our Chairman has been liaising with the Borough Council’s Tree Officers for some time with a view to organising the annual planting of semi-mature trees around the Wexham Court Estate.  The Parish Council has approved funding for ten trees each year, which will initially be used to replace broken or damaged sapling trees previously planted by SBC.  The young sapling trees that are normally used are vulnerable to vandalism and other threats, so it is hoped that the proposed semi-mature trees will stand a better chance of survival.  Arrangements are currently being made to plant the first ten trees in locations chosen for this year.

* * * * *



Dog owners should be aware that failure to clean up your pet’s mess constitutes antisocial behaviour which cannot be tolerated.  No only is this an offence but it also poses a serious health risk to others.  The Parish Council supports the issuing of maximum fines to such offenders.

* * *


Please note that anyone wishing to install a dropped kerb and driveway for access across a public verge/footpath must apply to Slough Borough Council.  Private installation of such access is illegal.

* * * * *


The Parish Council has been monitoring the development of the Senior Citizen’s Homes north of the recreational land in Norway Drive.  We have attended various meetings and visits to the premises to keep advised of progress and to ensure that requirements are being met.

There are two separate structures on the site, both of which are designed for elderly accommodation and strict rules will be applied to ensure that all residents meet the age requirements.  Both offer places for Council or private rental tenants, some of whom will be transferred to the new development from Wexham House when it closes.  The first of the new buildings consists of self contained residential flats where a Warden is on call for assistance if needed and Social Care Support is provided.  This may suit individuals or couples who wish to sell their house and keep some of the proceeds of sale for their retirement.  The second building is a residential nursing home with private rooms for individuals, which is fully staffed for those needing specialised care. 

Each development provides a compact community environment and offers in-house facilities.  This includes common rooms to enable residents to mingle and socialise, cinema rooms, cafeterias, and various other facilities such as on-site hairdressing. 

As stated previously, whilst we would ideally have liked to retain the open land that existed on this site, we accept that there is a need for modern elderly care provision in the area and this limited development is far more acceptable than the alternative proposal of dense social housing that was considered.  The care home development has also provided a further advantage to the residents of Wexham in that a section of the land adjoining the western end of the Parish Land has been reserved for recreational use and will be added to the 25 year lease that we proudly achieved last year.

Once the residential and nursing homes become occupied and fully operational arrangements will be made for regular visits by our Councillors/Officers to meet with those residents who would like an opportunity for discussion with us and/or are unable to attend our monthly Council meetings.

* * * * *


There are three Independent Councillors elected to the Borough Council covering the Wexham Lea area, which includes Wexham Court.  Two of these Borough Members are also Wexham Court Parish Councillors.  Contact details are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Borough/Parish Councillor Tony Haines, 537 Rochfords Gardens, Slough, SL2 5XG. Tel: 01753 538263

Borough Councillor Latif Khan, 15 Warwick Avenue, Slough, SL2 1DU. Tel: 07886 189465

Borough/Parish Councillor David MacIsaac, 156 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, SL2 5RY. Tel: 01753 532774

We hold resident surgeries on the second Saturday of every month from 12 noon to 2pm at Rochfords Community Centre, but can also be contacted by phone, letter or email at other times.

We have dealt with various matters on behalf of the Parish and have achieved a great deal.  This includes road and path resurfacing; gating for land near Armstrong House and Clarendon Court to improve security; and challenging unsuitable planning for our area.  We also managed to secure the £10,000 Government funding which enabled the Parish Council to install improved fencing at the Norway Drive Tennis Courts.  The current Borough Council is now under Labour Control and has instigated cuts to the budget, which we have fought against, but we will continue to ensure that Parish does not suffer from these cuts.  We all look forward to serving you for the remainder of our electoral terms.

* * * * *


The Parish Council encourages close working relationships with several community groups in Wexham and they have therefore been invited to contribute to this publication.  The mutual support and exchange of information that takes place between the Council and these groups is beneficial to our residents, and has a key role to play in resolving local issues and matters of joint concern.

In this section you will find articles submitted by, or relating to, the following:

1st Wexham Brownies

Wexham Neighbourhood Policing Team

Wexham Parish Church of St Mary’s

Wexham Court Primary School

Wexham School Specialist Sports College

Ya-Rah Association

* * *

1st Wexham Brownies

This is a well established group which provides weekly sessions for girls between the ages of six and ten-and-a-half.  Activities include games, learning how to do various tasks to win badges (such as cooking and art), junior drama lessons, and talent encouragement such as singing. 

Brown Owl is Mrs Beryl Neame, with daughter Sharon Neame as Deputy. They meet every Thursday at St Mary’s Church Hall in Church Lane, 6.30-8pm, and subs cost just £1.50 per session each week.

All girls of the appropriate age are welcome to join this group which is both instructive and fun.

* * *

Wexham Lea Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Wexham Lea Neighbourhood Team consists of Insp Andy Boomer, Sgt John Moores, PC Cerrig Shardlow, PCSO Richard Kulaga, PCSO Kurt Henney and PCSO Pietro Mingolla, (Wexham Park Hospital).



After consultation with the communities in the neighbourhood by holding public meetings, the following priorities were identified:

Speeding - The roads used as shortcuts to travel through Wexham are The Frithe, Knolton Way and Norway Drive. Motorists exceed the 30mph limits and drive in a manner which is not suited to the road conditions. There is also congestion and obstructions during opening and closing hours near the secondary school on Norway Drive.

Anti-social behaviour - Some young people, known to the police, misbehave on their way when going to or returning from the school.

Underage drinking - Young people obtain alcohol from the licensed premises by either buying it unchallenged about their age, or somebody of the legal age buys it for them. They drink themselves into a stupor leading to incidents of anti-social behaviour and minor offences. Some have been found by police almost completely passed out.


Please refrain from leaving valuables on show within your vehicle as this raises the chance of you becoming a victim of crime.

You can find out more about the Wexham Lea Neighbourhood Team by logging onto www.thamesvalley.police.uk, and you can contact us using the Thames Valley Non-Emergency Number: 0845 8 505 505.  One or more members of the Team also attend Wexham Court Parish Council meetings whenever possible.

* * *

The Parish Church of St Mary, Wexham

St Mary’s Church is a Grade II* Listed building and has been the centre of worship for the Parish since the 12th Century.  It seeks to proclaim the Christian faith by sharing the love of Christ with those who enter its buildings and with all who live within the communities of Wexham Court, Slough, Wexham South Bucks, and George Green.  The Church is there for the whole community (those of all faiths and of none).

The 3 in 1 Club for parents with young children meets in the Church Hall on the third Saturday in each month, from 10.30 am until 12 noon.  Parents can leave their children, or stay for coffee and join in the activities.  Contacts: Mrs Jill Bell – 01753 536563, or Mrs Sandra Horth – 01753 551511.

The Friends of St Mary’s run Bingo every Monday evening at 8.00 pm, as well as other activities during the year to raise funds for the upkeep of the church.  Contact: Mrs Lynnette Shelley – 01753 771834.

The Church Hall is also used for a Toddler Group, the First Wexham Brownies, an Over 60s Club, and by a Dancing School.  (Details of contacts can be obtained from Mrs Sue Edwards – 01753 527410.)

Regular Sunday Services are as follows:

8.00 am                Holy Communion – Common Worship – Traditional Language (said)

10.00 am               Parish Communion – Common Worship – Contemporary Language (sung)

                                Or All Age Worship (on the 1st Sunday in each month)

6.30 pm                Quiet Service of Evening Prayer (on a 5th Sunday in the month)

For enquiries regarding weddings, funerals and baptisms, please contact The Revd Ros Donovan, Priest in Charge – 01753 523852


* * *

Wexham Court Primary School

High expectations together with a positive, friendly and happy atmosphere enable our pupils to enjoy learning at Wexham Court Primary school and attain very good standards of achievement in all areas of the curriculum and in personal behaviour.  The latest Ofsted Inspection described the school as good with many outstanding features.

The school is organised to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through detailed schemes of work and careful planning to meet individual pupil needs.  Set within beautiful and well maintained grounds the school is extremely well resourced to address the challenge of providing a twenty-first century education.

Plans are currently being made to completely re-furbish and expand the school from two-form to three-form entry, in order to offer places to the ever increasing waiting list of children wishing to attend the school in each year group.  Provision for teaching computer studies and ICT will be upgraded with the latest technology; space will be created to develop community activities during and after school hours; more sporting events will be promoted; and pupils will have access to modern equipment and facilities throughout the school.

It is an exciting time for the whole school community and we can look forward to developing a primary school that will provide the best possible education, in a superb learning environment which supports and inspires all members of the school community to achieve their potential and pursue their personal interests and ambitions. 

Angela Hermon, Headteacher, March 2009

* * *

Wexham School Specialist Sports College

At Wexham School Sports College 2008-2009 has been a very rewarding and successful year to date.  The exciting and innovative work that the school has been developing over the past three years has been recognised in a number of national awards.

As a Specialist Sports College the school uses Sport and PE to inspire, motivate and raise the achievement of all the pupils.  We were recently presented with the Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassadors Award by some of the athletes from the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and the school has also gained Sportsmark, which is awarded for exceptional delivery within the PE and Sport Strategy.

Two other major awards have also been achieved which recognise the real progress that has been made in raising and sustaining the achievement of our pupils.  The first was presented by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) to acknowledge the endeavours of staff and students resulting in an improvement to GCSE grades, and alongside this the school was represented by the Headteacher at a gala presentation in London during March to receive recognition of the sustained improvement in GCSE scores over the last 3 years.

All of the awards demonstrate the commitment from students, staff, parents, governors and the local community to making a difference to the lives of Wexham School Pupils.

South Africa Partnership Visit to Dr Nelson R Mandela High School, Cape Town - As a continuation of our partnership link with our South African school in Cape Town, seven Wexham students and three staff embarked on a journey of discovery for two weeks in February.  The focus of the visit was to look at global citizenship and how, as two different cultures, we could educate each other and enhance each others’ lives.  The purpose was also for Wexham staff and students to teach lessons within the South African educational system.

The staff and students decided to teach a variety of lessons, including factual based lessons on Slough, opportunities and challenges faced by the ‘youth’ of Slough, modern and traditional UK dance and the sport of rounders.  The Sixth Form students also had an opportunity to explore the beautiful country of South Africa.  The partnership visit was and will continue to be a life changing experience for the students and staff involved. 

Building Programme - The building programme at Wexham School has progressed significantly and the new rooms will provide a much improved teaching and learning environment, as well as being more energy efficient and eco friendly.  We have taken possession of the new Music Block and work on the Science/Technology Block and the new Sports Hall continues apace.  An exciting time for all the pupils and staff.

* * *

Ya-Rah Association

The Ya-Rah Association is a registered charity, the executive committee of which is headed by one of our local residents, Yasir Museud. 

The principal purpose of the group is to build a trust based relationship with local youth and deflect them away from anti-social behaviour by keeping them off the streets.  This is achieved by providing supervised activities which will inspire them to keep active, healthy and fit, whilst teaching them the value of teamwork and encouraging their continued education. 

Ya-Rah aims to develop the capabilities of these young people and enable them to have a positive environment where their views can be heard, thus enabling them to grow into mature and responsible members of society.  The importance of self-respect and respect of others and the environment, together with an understanding of multi-cultural needs is also taught.  Furthermore, guidance and counselling is made available where necessary.

The Parish Council is happy to support the work of this association and funding has been made available to organise various activities, together with use of the Parish Hall at a concessionary rate.

Karate classes have already commenced on Thursday evenings and it is planned for dance classes and boxing training to be organised in the near future.

Ya-Rah also provide football coaching sessions open to all ages on Sundays, and this will hopefully be extended to include midweek sessions once funding is in place.


* * * * *


(Note: please see photos of the Councillors/Officers by clicking on the 'WCPC Councillors photo gallery' link from our home page)

Cllr Evelyn Aldridge

I have been a Wexham resident for most of my life and have supported local groups.  I’ve always taken a keen interest in local matters and so I was happy to become a Parish Councillor eleven years ago.

Cllr Robert Aldridge

I’ve lived in the Parish for some forty years and have been a Councillor for the last sixteen of these.  I’m a keen dog-walker and being out and about helps to keep me up to date with local issues and in regular contact with residents.

Cllr Pauline Cordery

I became a Parish Councillor just over a year ago so that I could become more involved in dealing with local matters affecting my community.

Cllr Bryan Corps

I moved to Wexham in 1987 and have always taken an interest in the wellbeing of the Parish.  I have therefore been proud to serve my community as a Parish Councillor for the last seven years.

Cllr Dave Davies

I have lived in Wexham for nineteen years and have been a Parish Councillor for the last eighteen.  The great thing about being a Councillor is having the ability to effect change for the good of our residents and the Parish as a whole.

Cllr Patrick Donachy

I moved to Wexham Court with my parents in 1973 and attended a local school until the age of twelve when I started at Slough Grammar.  I developed an interest in local politics in the mid-1990’s, but have only been able to finally take an active part since joining the Parish Council in early 2008.

Cllr Tony Haines

I have been a Parish and Borough Councillor for a number of years and have been elected to the Ward four times.  Although I don’t live on the estate I have close connections and take an active role in Parish matters.

Cllr David MacIsaac

I am both a Parish and Borough Councillor and have lived in Wexham since 1985.  I’m a very active member of the community and have been involved with various groups.  Currently I’m a School Governor at Wexham Secondary and Lea Nursery.

Cllr Dalip Rajput

I have had close ties with Wexham Court for many years and have enjoyed spending the last six years as an elected Member of the Parish Council.

Cllr Vinay Vyas

I moved to Wexham in 2001 and was impressed with the open spaces and the quiet neighbourhood.  I wanted to put something back into the community and felt that the Parish Council was a good way to do that, hence I became a Member in 2007.

Cllr Dianne Walker

I have enjoyed serving the community as a Parish Councillor but regret that I have had to stand down recently due to family and work commitments.

* * * * *


There have been no changes to the serving Councillors during the last municipal year except for the very recent resignation of Councillor Walker due to family and work commitments.  This has left a new vacancy which will be filled in due course.

Attendance at Meetings of Full Council (11 Members, total 10 meetings), and Finance & General Purposes Committee (5 Members, 5 meetings), has been as shown below: -

Evelyn Aldridge   7

Robert Aldridge   4 / 1

Pauline Cordery   3

Bryan Corps   3 *(please see note below)

Dave Davies   7 / 5

Patrick Donachy   10 / 5

Tony Haines   9

David MacIsaac   9 / 5

Dalip Rajput   7

Vinay Vyas   7 / 2

Dianne Walker   9

Meetings of the Health & Safety Working Group also take place periodically for the purpose of carrying out inspections and risk assessments.

 * Councillor Bryan Corps continues to play an important role within the Parish Council, despite his ill health, and he attends meetings whenever possible.  He keeps a keen eye on his local area, including the Parish Hall and tennis courts, and is also a Member of the Health & Safety Working Group wherein his advice as a qualified electrician is often called upon.

* * * * *


Sudoku - for those of you who like a challenge:

(please see the ‘Coffee Break’ page on the Parish Website for the solution)



















































































Test your local knowledge: (Answers at bottom of this web page)

1.        Which road on Wexham Court Estate is named after the family who lived in the manor house at Wexham Manor in the 13th century?

2.        What year did Wexham Court Infant School open?

3.        The farmhouse that stands in the grounds of Wexham Court Primary School was used as Wexham Library from 1959 until when?

4.        What year did Woodside County Secondary School open in Norway Drive?

5.        What is the name of Patron saint relating to the Parish of Wexham?

6.        How is it easy to see the boundary lines between Wexham (South Bucks) and Wexham Court (Slough) by taking a stroll along Church Lane during the summer months?

7.        What year was Wexham Court Parish Council first formed, and why?

* * * * *


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First Care Veterinary Centre

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QUIZ ANSWERS (see 'quiz page' above)

(1) Mansel Close, named after Henry Mansel; (2) 1956; (3) 1980; (4) 1961; (5) St Mary; (6) The grass is regularly cut by Slough Borough Council on the Wexham Court side, whereas South Bucks’ side is often overgrown; (7) 1974, due to Bucks/Berks boundary changes.

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