Note:  A hard copy of the Annual Report, including an invitation to the Annual General Parish Assembly, is delivered to every household in the Parish.  As previously this year's Report also included other information items that are already published elsewhere on this website.  Although the format of the paper report differs from the format below, the items included contain the same content.


Councillor Mrs Evelyn Aldridge, 353 Uxbridge Road,

Wexham, Slough, SL2 5RG. (Tel: 01753 526438) (Ind)


Councillor Robert Aldridge, 4 Welden, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5SJ. (Tel: 01753 732565) (Ind)


Councillor Dave Davies, 96 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 670693) (Ind)


Councillor Patrick Donachy, Wexham, Slough.

(Tel: (mobile) 07775 781508) (Ind)


Councillor Carl Egan, 44 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 534924) (Ind)


Councillor Peter Gerstmann, 8 Wexham Lodge, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 4HF. (Tel: (mobile) 07780 704665) (Ind) 


Councillor Tony Haines, 537 Rochfords Gardens,

Slough, SL2 5XG. (Tel: 01753 538263) (Ind)


Councillor David MacIsaac, 156 Knolton Way, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5RY. (Tel: 01753 532774) (Ind)


Councillor Keith Nunn, 103 Lismore Park,

Slough, SL2 5DE. (Tel: (mobile) 07545 304046) (Ind)  


Councillor Dalip Rajput, 12 Shaggy Calf Lane,

Slough, SL2 5HJ. (Tel: (mobile) 07958 192226) (Ind)


Councillor Vinay Vyas, 12 Almons Way, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5UE. (Tel: 01753 673405) (Ind)


Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Dianne Egan, 44 Norway Drive, Wexham,

Slough, SL2 5QW. (Tel: 01753 534924)


Finance Clerk:  Mrs Tina Kellett, Sedgemere, Stonecroft

Avenue, Iver, Bucks, SL0 9QG. (Tel: 01753 651790)


* * * * *



(Prepared by Chairman Dave Davies and Dianne Egan, Clerk)

This is my fourth year as Parish Council Chairman and it gives me great pleasure to present our Annual Report to the residents of Wexham Court.  My role as Chairman continues to present many challenges, not least of which is finding sufficient time to deal with my voluntary work for the Parish, alongside the varying shift patterns of my full-time job and other personal commitments.

The Parish Council endeavours to seek resolutions to new and existing issues that are brought to our attention by you.  In particular these include local planning, traffic/parking, and the ongoing abuse of grass verges, these being just a few of the matters that we deal with from day-to-day. 

I’m pleased to report that recent meetings with Officers of the Borough Council have resulted in good progress being made in relation to protecting our green verges.  Our joint efforts will result in appropriate measures being put in place, including the prosecution of habitual offenders by SBC which has been pursued by us for years and has now finally been agreed.


Your Parish Councillors and Clerk all live locally and therefore have detailed knowledge of our area.  This enables them to highlight and monitor various matters, and regular estate inspections are carried out for this purpose.  These walkabouts also provide an opportunity for residents to approach us to discuss problems, or just to have a chat, when you see us out and about in our high visibility yellow vests.

In addition to the weekly workload mentioned above I continue to attend various meetings and events throughout the year, including the laying of a poppy wreath at the annual Remembrance Day service.  The Clerk accompanies me on the majority of these occasions, as do some of the other Members depending on their availability.


(Picture: the Chairman and Clerk share a light-hearted moment on a very sunny spring day, whilst attending the official opening of Oak House Care Home)


My duties as Chairman would be a lot more difficult, and at times impossible, if it were not for the support of our Officers - Clerk to the Council, Dianne, and Finance Clerk, Tina - whose cheerful outlook, dedication and assistance provide me with much-appreciated support when I need it.  I would also like to thank my fellow Members, and our small team of staff without whom the needs of the Parish hall and hirers would not be met.

Your Parish Council Membership consists of eleven Councillors who make themselves available at varying times depending on their other commitments.  The Members and Officers can all be contacted by email via our website, http://wexhamcourt.co.uk, which is maintained by the Clerk and is checked regularly.

The current team of Independent Wexham Court Parish Councillors are unusual in that none of us represent any particular Party and therefore we are not required to involve Party Politics in the execution of our duties.  We volunteer our time purely because we care about the area in which we live, and our only goal is to collectively serve the best interests of the people who voted for us… YOU.  

As always, I would like to remind you that Parish Councillors cannot be on duty 24 hours per day and if you witness any criminal or antisocial behaviour these should be reported to the Police.  The Community Warden team can also be called upon to deal with various neighbourhood issues, and they maintain close contact both with the Police and the Council.

Meetings usually take place at the Parish Hall on the 2nd Tuesday in each month (except for January and August), commencing at 7:30pm.  However, please note that the July meeting for this year has been moved to Wednesday the 14th.  You are welcome to attend these meetings to keep up‑to-date on matters relating to your local community.

The Members and Officers of Wexham Court Parish Council will look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

Dave Davies, Chairman

* * * * *



Your Parish Council is committed to providing good value for money and you will have noted that the Parish element of your Council Tax has not increased for the third year running.  Indeed, the amount payable by each household in Wexham Court Parish this year has

dropped by 7.6%.

Whilst maintaining this controlled expenditure we are still managing to provide and improve the existing services we offer - including the Parish Hall and recreational grounds; the Tennis Courts; The Cherries Play Area; and the allotment site.  This is achieved by careful budgeting and efficient management of the funds available to us.

In contrast to this, and as an indication of our achievement, the two other Parish Councils in the Slough Borough (Britwell & Colnbrook with Poyle) are charging 83% and 27% more than we are (based on Band D).

We continue to fund all the Parish recreational amenities ourselves with no outside financial assistance, including the current improvements to The Cherries Play Area for which no funding has been forthcoming from the Borough Council despite their well-publicised support for neighbouring areas.  Our tennis facilities are considered to be the best in Slough, and our Hall is used by hirers both from within and outside of the Parish.

Wexham Court Parish Council will continue to spend your money wisely for as long as our current Independent and non-political status endures.  Our key priority is always to represent the best interests of the people of Wexham, and we take the greatest of pride in serving you and addressing your needs.

* * *


Grass Verges:  Wexham Court Parish Council continues to lobby the Borough Council to tackle this ongoing problem by whatever means is necessary, including prosecution of offenders in accordance with the local bylaws that are already in place. Recent meetings with representatives of the Highways and Legal Departments have enabled agreement to be reached with the Borough Officers to progress various measures to protect our green verges from the selfish people who habitually abuse them.  Bollards have already been installed around the greens in the area of the Khalsa School, and at the alleyway between Wexham Road and The Frithe, and further protective measures are being considered at various locations around the estate.

This matter is now being progressed thanks to the dedication of Parish Councillors Vinay Vyas and our Chairman, Councillor Dave Davies, together with the assistance of new Councillor Peter Gerstmann and the Clerk.  (Note: Councillors Patrick Donachy and Carl Egan have since joined the committee dealing with this).

Wexham Park Hospital Parking Issues:   Wexham Court Parish Councillors have joined forces with Wexham Parish Council in South Bucks to lobby MPs and the hospital authority with a view to tackling this horrendous problem.   The shortage of available parking spaces is the main problem and this could be resolved if South Bucks Council would allow the field opposite the hospital entrance to be used for parking.  The owner of the field is willing to permit the use of the land, but South Bucks Councillors won’t allow use of this green belt despite objections from their own constituents.  The hospital is willing to build a multi-storey car park on the old Social Club site within the grounds, but the current Labour administration and Slough Planning Department will not agree this.

In the meantime the hospital is going to stagger outpatients’ appointments and provide a dedicated bus service for staff and visitors so that they can park in the town. 

The congestion caused by this lack of hospital parking is causing a severe hazard on adjoining roads and lives are at risk for as long as the problem continues to be ignored by the SBC & South Bucks Councils.

* * * * *




The Parish Hall is well used for various private events which provide an income to manage and maintain it.  We make regular improvements to the facility in order to maintain a good standard for our hirers.  During the past year this has included replacement entrance doors, installation of a flagpole, and renovation of the kitchens.  Renovation of the toilets has also been approved and this work will be commencing soon.

We encourage regular hirers, particularly if the activities they provide are of benefit to the community.  The hall is currently used for Dohl Drums practice every Tuesday evening from 7-9pm (except for the 2nd Tuesday of each month when Parish Council meetings take place), and Wexham School continues to use the facilities on occasions when they require additional space for a specific event or activity.

Fridays and Saturdays are generally booked by ad-hoc hirers, but we would welcome enquiries from new regular hirers to make use of the premises on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Rates of hire are reviewed annually by the Finance & General Purpose Committee and we continue to offer discounted rates for Parish residents and community groups.

Enquiries in regard to hiring of the Parish Hall can be made with our Booking Clerk, Lynne, on 01753 574945.     

* * *


The CCTV system continues to protect the Parish Hall & grounds and has virtually eradicated incidents of vandalism and antisocial behaviour.  Additional cameras have been approved to overlook The Cherries and the Play Area and it is hoped that this will enable the Parish Council and the Police to deal appropriately with offenders who target that area.   

* * *


The Parish Council continues to support the schools in our area by awarding annual trophies and prizes for the outstanding achievement of a deserving pupil designated by each school.  Councillors also attend regular meetings with representatives of Wexham School in relation to local matters that are of joint concern.

* * *


The Tennis Courts are made freely available for the public and are well used throughout the year.  However, please be reminded that football, cricket, cycling, dog-walking, and any other inappropriate pastime is not permitted since such activities can cause damage to the surface which is expensive to repair.

This facility is of a very high standard due to improvements that have been funded and carried out by the Parish Council, and we are proud to advise that our Tennis Courts are widely considered to be the best in Slough.

* * *


Wexham Bowls Club operates independently under a sub-Lease.  A rink is available for public use when not required for competitions, and a trophy is presented on behalf of the Parish Council in support of their annual Charity Day.  The club will always welcome new members and you should apply direct for further information.

* * *


The Play Area was last upgraded by the Parish Council four years ago and is in constant use by the younger members of our Community.  Additional items have now been approved to further enhance the area and work is underway at the time of this Annual Report going to print.

Please note that the equipment in The Cherries Play Area is intended for use only by children up to 14 years old.  If you witness any abuse or vandalism taking place, please contact the Police or the Community Warden team.

Cutting of the grass and litter collection is the responsibility of Slough Borough Council and residents should contact the Parks Department if this is not done. 

* * *



A website is managed by the Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council and this comprises various documents and information items that may be of use to our residents and visitors to the local area.  You are invited to browse our pages and sign our guestbook, and you are also welcome to contact the Clerk or any of the Councillors from the email link provided.

* * *


The Parish Council continues to make grants to Community Groups working in the Parish, including St Mary’s Church and the Wexham Brownies. 

We also organise an Annual Christmas Charity Fundraising Event, the proceeds of which are presented to charities chosen by our Members.  The funds raised this year were donated to Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes.  Further details can be found on our website. 

* * *


The Parish Council continues to subscribe to membership of the National Association of Local Councils, and the Community Council for Berkshire, both of whom offer advice to Local Authorities.

* * *


As a Parish Council we have a statutory right to hear and object to all planning applications in Wexham Court and we frequently do so. We cannot always successfully block applications from being approved as the Planning Department has the power to overrule us.  However, there are many unsuitable applications that we have managed to stop in the interests of our residents and the estate.

We also identify properties where building has gone ahead without permission and instigate planning enforcement action, although this can be a slow process as Court Orders are required to support the enforcement team’s actions.  Planning matters such as this are currently being investigated and progressed due to your Parish Council’s persistence.

* * *


Although we have no objection to families renting properties there has been an increase in recent years of unscrupulous landlords using their properties for multiple occupancy.  These landlords are exploiting their tenants and the conditions in which they live often contravene Health & Safety requirements.  One such house in Wexham was recently found to be used as a cannabis factory, and another suffered a fire since it failed to comply with safety regulations. 

The Parish Council, with the support of our Borough Councillors, continues to encourage the inspection of these properties which results in their closure if safety regulations are not being met.  Slough Borough Council has scheduled a program of intense inspections commencing this spring.

* * *


Wexham Court Parish Council owns and manages the Allotment Site at the junction of Church Lane/Uxbridge Road.  Plots are made available for residents of Wexham and the surrounding areas to rent at a very low annual cost.  There is currently a lengthy waiting list as working an allotment plot seems to have become a recent trend again. 

We have suffered several break-ins at the site during the last couple of years as there are regrettably some sad people who would rather vandalise the site and steal other people’s produce than go to the effort of growing their own!

Plans to increase the security of the allotment site by installing new fencing around the boundary have been approved and quotations are being sought.  However, this project may take some time to complete due to the high cost of suitable replacement fencing in relation to our limited annual budget.

A smart new entrance sign was provided by Councillor Carl Egan last summer, which was installed with the help of Henry Egan and our Parish Chairman.

The Conditions of Tenancy were recently reviewed to address neighbouring residents’ issues in relation to bonfires.  The lighting of bonfires has now been restricted to two evenings per week.   

Long-term residents and allotment tenants Stan and Jean Gale have assisted the Parish Council for many years by volunteering their time to organise tenancy documents and records, liaise with the Clerk and Finance Clerk, and generally ensure that the site is in good order. 

It brings us the greatest of sadness to advise that dear Stan recently passed away.  He was a valued member of our community who will be greatly missed.  The Parish Council Officers, Dianne & Tina, and several Members attended his funeral to pay their last respects.

May he rest peacefully

* * * * *



Dog owners should be aware that failure to clean up your pet’s mess constitutes antisocial behaviour which cannot be tolerated.  No only is this an offence but it also poses a serious health risk to others.  The Parish Council supports the issuing of maximum fines to such offenders and the Community Wardens have been asked to give high priority to this ongoing problem.

* * *


Please note that anyone wishing to install a dropped kerb and driveway for access across a public verge/footpath must apply to Slough Borough Council.  Private installation of such access is illegal.

* * *


Both Parish and Borough Councillors have been contacted by spouses and children of tenants who have never put their name on the tenancy as joint tenants and have therefore been faced with eviction when their loved ones have died.  This is standard procedure even if the person(s) have lived at the address for their entire life, or for the duration of their marriage.   

If you are reading this and suspect it may affect you, please arrange with the Borough Council to be put on the tenancy as there is nothing  we can do to help afterwards.  If single, you would not be offered a Council tenancy and would have to find private rented accommodation.

* * *


We are often asked the difference between the Wexham Court Parish and Wexham Lea Borough Councillors.  To clarify, you have 11 Parish Councillors who work voluntarily and specifically serve the Wexham Court Estate independently of the Borough Council  (a boundary map is on our website), whereas the 3 Borough Councillors (elected to SBC) also serve Upton Lea, Borderside, and Rochfords Gardens.

* * * * *


The Parish Council encourages close working relationships with several community groups in Wexham and they have therefore been invited to contribute to this publication.  The mutual support and exchange of information that takes place between the Council and these groups is beneficial to our residents, and has a key role to play in resolving local issues and matters of joint concern.

In this section you will find articles submitted by, or relating to, the following:

1st Wexham Brownies

Wexham Neighbourhood Policing Team

Wexham Parish Church of St Mary’s

Wexham Court Primary School

Wexham School Specialist Sports College

* * *

1st Wexham Brownies

This is a well established group which provides weekly sessions for girls between the ages of six and ten-and-a-half.  Activities include games, learning how to do various tasks to win badges (such as cooking and art), junior drama lessons, and talent encouragement such as singing. 

Brown Owl is Mrs Beryl Neame, with daughter Sharon Neame as Deputy. They meet every Thursday at St Mary’s Church Hall in Church Lane, 6.30-8pm, and subs cost just £2.00 per session each week.

All girls of the appropriate age are welcome to join this group which is both instructive and fun.

* * *

Wexham Lea Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Wexham Lea Neighbourhood Team consists of: Acting Inspector Tripat Pannu, Sgt Jon Moores, PC Cerrig Shardlow, PC Tracey Fenton-Smyth,

PCSO Richard Kulaga, PCSO Matthew Lynch.

You can find out more about the Team by taking a look at the 'Wexham Neighbourhood Policing Team Information' section, which can be found on the Index page of this website.

There are several pages relating to our Policing Team including contact details, Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) information, and Community Messaging/Neighbourhood Watch information.

One or more members of the Team also attend Wexham Court Parish Council meetings whenever possible. 


Please refrain from leaving valuables on show within your vehicle as this raises the chance of you becoming a victim of crime.

* * *

The Parish Church of St Mary, Wexham

St Mary’s Church is a Grade II* Listed building and has been the centre of worship for the Parish since the 12th Century.  It seeks to proclaim the Christian faith by sharing the love of Christ with those who enter its buildings and with all who live within the communities of Wexham Court, Slough, Wexham South Bucks, and George Green.  The Church is there for the whole community (those of all faiths and of none).

The 3 in 1 Club for parents with young children meets in the Church Hall on the third Saturday in each month, from 10.30 am until 12 noon.  Parents can leave their children, or stay for coffee and join in the activities.  Contacts: Mrs Jill Bell – 01753 536563, or Mrs Sandra Horth – 01753 551511.

The Friends of St Mary’s run Bingo every Monday evening at 8.00 pm, as well as other activities during the year to raise funds for the upkeep of the church.  Contact: Mrs Lynnette Shelley – 01753 771834.

The Church Hall is also used for a Toddler Group, the First Wexham Brownies, an Over 60s Club, and by a Dancing School.  (Details of contacts can be obtained from Mrs Sue Edwards – 01753 527410.)

Regular Sunday Services are as follows:

8.00 am                Holy Communion – Common Worship – Traditional Language (said)

10.00 am               Parish Communion – Common Worship – Contemporary Language (sung)

                                Or All Age Worship (on the 1st Sunday in each month)

6.30 pm                Quiet Service of Evening Prayer (dates can be found on the Church Notice Board or in the Church Parish Magazine)

For enquiries regarding weddings, funerals and baptisms, please contact The Revd Ros Donovan, Priest in Charge – 01753 523852


* * *

Wexham Court Primary School

High expectations together with a positive, friendly and happy atmosphere enable our pupils to enjoy learning at Wexham Court Primary school and attain very good standards of achievement in all areas of the curriculum and in personal behaviour.  The latest Ofsted Inspection described the school as good with many outstanding features.

The school is organised to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through detailed schemes of work and careful planning to meet individual pupil needs.  Set within beautiful and well maintained grounds the school is extremely well resourced to address the challenge of providing a twenty-first century education.

Plans are currently being made to completely re-furbish and expand the school from two-form to three-form entry, in order to offer places to the ever increasing waiting list of children wishing to attend the school in each year group.  Provision for teaching computer studies and ICT will be upgraded with the latest technology; space will be created to develop community activities during and after school hours; more sporting events will be promoted; and pupils will have access to modern equipment and facilities throughout the school.

It is an exciting time for the whole school community and we can look forward to developing a primary school that will provide the best possible education, in a superb learning environment which supports and inspires all members of the school community to achieve their potential and pursue their personal interests and ambitions. 

Angela Hermon, Headteacher, March 2010

* * *

Wexham School Specialist Sports College

Wexham School Sports College is dedicated to improving the health and sporting ability of both its pupils and the local community. For pupils at Wexham School we provide a wealth of extra-curricular activities including sports such as football, basketball, cricket and netball as well as alternative activities such as cheerleading and swimming.

As well as ensuring our pupils have the opportunity to partake in a range of pursuits we also aim to assist our local primary schools in developing their PE and sport for their students. As part of this we have provided staff training for Wexham Court, Iqra and Khalsa School which we have followed up with lesson plans and support in lessons. We have also recently run two multi-skills festivals involving 90 pupils from the above three schools which were both a great success with pupils integrating well and enjoying themselves. These events were run by Wexham School pupils as part of their leadership programme.

As I am sure you are aware our new sports hall was completed this year. Inside we have a large indoor hall in which there are four cricket nets, ten basketball hoops, four badminton courts, a netball court and a five-a-side football pitch. Upstairs we have a classroom as well as a fitness suite with all the latest gym equipment. This has been well used by students and staff alike within the school.

We are currently developing an ‘Olympic Legacy’ programme in which we are aiming to attract local clubs to use our venue to provide an outlet for the local community to experience high level sports coaching within a comfortable friendly environment. We already have a Gymnastics club, a cheerleading club, a trampoline club and Burnham Cricket Club using the facility. Please see below for times of clubs:

Trampoline Club - Monday 4.30-5.30pm under 11s / 5.40-6.30pm over 11s.  For more information please contact Mr Clark on bc@wexham.slough.sch.uk

Gymnastics - Thursday 6.30-7.30pm ages 6-9 / 7.30-8.30pm ages 10 and older.  For more information please contact Sarah Fiander on 07813004820 or smilesports@hotmail.co.uk

Cheerleading - Friday 6.00-7.00pm ages 6-9 / 7.00-8.00pm ages 10 and older.  For more information please contact Sarah Fiander on 07813004820 or smilesports@hotmail.co.uk

The final phase of our building programme is well underway. We are hoping that it will be completed by the end of August and that we can start using the associated new facilities in September.

It is an exciting time at school. Year 11 and the Sixth Form are working hard towards their summer exams. We will be running extra revision classes for them during the Easter holiday period. As usual we are hosting the Slough Arts Festival (April 6th-9th) and look forward to the range of skills and talent that will be on display.                    

We would like to thank Wexham Court Parish Council for all their support, in so many areas that affect the life of the school and our pupils. It is much appreciated

As has been reported in the local press, the Headteacher, Mr. Richardson will be leaving this Easter. He will be much missed. His contribution over almost a quarter of a century, not just to the school but to our local community and to Slough, has been invaluable. Perhaps it is most fitting to end the school’s contribution to this newsletter with an extract from Mr Richardson’s letter to the parents:

“Throughout all the 23 years I have felt proud and privileged to be the Headteacher of Wexham.  I have never wished to move to another school.  I have seen Wexham grow from a 12-16 Secondary Modern School with just over 400 pupils to an 11-18 Specialist Sports College of over 900 pupils with 160 in the Sixth Form, a position that would have been unimaginable when we first opened… My vision for Wexham has been that it should be a life changing experience for our pupils, and an experience that they enjoy, and that they feel safe and happy during their time here.  We have always worked to achieve this and I hope it has been a reality for many who have spent such formative years with us.”

The Members and Officers of Wexham Court Parish Council would like to thank Jeff Richardson for his valued contribution to our community, and wish him every happiness in his retirement.  We will look forward to continuing our good relationship with Wexham School in the future.

* * * * *


(Note: please see photos of the Councillors/Officers by clicking on the 'WCPC Councillors photo gallery' link from our home page)

Cllr Evelyn Aldridge - I have been a Wexham resident for most of my life and have supported local groups.  I’ve always taken a keen interest in local matters and so I was happy to become a Parish Councillor twelve years ago.

Cllr Robert Aldridge - I’ve lived in the Parish for some forty years and have been a Councillor for the last seventeen of these.  I’m a keen dog-walker and being out and about helps to keep me up to date with local issues and in regular contact with residents.

Cllr Dave Davies - I have lived in Wexham for twenty years and have been a Parish Councillor for the last nineteen.  The great thing about being a Councillor is having the ability to effect change for the good of our residents and the Parish as a whole.

Cllr Patrick Donachy - I moved to Wexham Court with my parents in 1973 and attended a local school until the age of twelve when I started at Slough Grammar.  I developed an interest in local politics in the mid-1990’s, but have only been able to finally take an active part since joining the Parish Council in early 2008.

Cllr Carl Egan - Members of my family have lived in the Parish since the Estate was built, and I’ve been here for the last 25 years.  Becoming a Parish Councillor has given me an opportunity to help my local community.

Cllr Peter Gerstmann - I have lived in the Parish for 14 years and have previously supported the Parish Council in matters relating to the local community.  I now welcome the opportunity to contribute further by addressing the concerns and needs of my fellow citizens as a new Councillor.

Cllr Tony Haines - I have been a Parish and Borough Councillor for a number of years and have been elected to the Ward four times.  Although I don’t live on the estate I have close connections and take an active role in Parish matters.

Cllr David MacIsaac - I am both a Parish and Borough Councillor, and an ex-Mayor of Slough, and have lived in Wexham since 1985.  I’m a very active member of the community and work closely with the other Parish Councillors.  I'm currently a School Governor at Wexham Secondary School and Vice-Chair of Governors at Lea Nursery School.

Cllr Keith Nunn - Having spent most of my growing years in Wexham Court, whilst attending Wexham Secondary School, I still maintain close ties with many people in the area despite living just outside of the Parish.  I'm looking forward to maintaining an active presence in the area and to hopefully giving something back.

Cllr Dalip Rajput - I have had close ties with Wexham Court for many years and have enjoyed spending the last seven years as an elected Member of the Parish Council.

Cllr Vinay Vyas - I moved to Wexham in 2001 and was impressed with the open spaces and the quiet neighbourhood.  I wanted to put something back into the community and felt that the Parish Council was a good way to do that, hence I became a Member in 2007.

* * * * *


There have been three changes to the serving Councillors during the last municipal year.  Councillor Dianne Walker stood down due to the pressure of family and work commitments; Councillor Pauline Cordery moved out of the area; and Councillor Bryan Corps sadly passed away in October. 

A stone plaque has been erected in the Parish Hall foyer in memory of Bryan’s dedication to his community.

We now have three new Councillors: Carl Egan, Peter Gerstmann, and Keith Nunn.

Attendance at Meetings of Full Council (11 Members), and Finance & General Purposes Committee (6 Members), has been as shown below: -

Evelyn Aldridge   7

Robert Aldridge   10 / 2

Dave Davies   8 / 2

Patrick Donachy   10 / 1

Carl Egan   7 (of a possible 7)

Peter Gerstmann   1 (of a possible 1)

Tony Haines   8 / 2

David MacIsaac   11 / 3

Keith Nunn   6 (of a possible 6)

Dalip Rajput   7

Vinay Vyas   6 / 2

Meetings of the Health & Safety Working Group also take place periodically for the purpose of carrying out inspections and risk assessments.

* * * * *


There are currently three Independent Councillors elected to the Borough Council covering the Wexham Lea area, which includes Wexham Court.  Two of these Borough Members are also Wexham Court Parish Councillors.  Contact details are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Borough/Parish Councillor Tony Haines, 537 Rochfords Gardens, Slough, SL2 5XG. Tel: 01753 538263

Borough Councillor Latif Khan, 15 Warwick Avenue, Slough, SL2 1DU. Tel: 07886 189465

Borough/Parish Councillor David MacIsaac, 156 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, SL2 5RY. Tel: 01753 532774

We continue to support the excellent work done by the Parish Council.  We are working hard to try to find solutions to parking issues at the local schools and the hospital, requiring many meetings and negotiations. 

Now we are in opposition we have to push harder to protect Wexham Court Parish from the many cuts imposed by the Labour administration. 

We have helped sort out some of the problems for religious groups at Slough Cemetery and tackled many issues of antisocial behaviour and crime, working closely with the Police and Wardens. 

Rented homes of multiple occupancy remain a problem on our estate and we are working with officers to tackle these issues.

Sadly Latif Khan has decided to step down from politics this May due to recent family problems and his fellow Borough Councillor colleagues thank him for his service.

* * * * *


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Coin op Launderette; service washes & ironing service;

home collection & delivery; contract work undertaken;

dry cleaning; linen cleaned & pressed.

74 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5TL

Tel: 01753 536795 / Mob: 07956 927035 / Fax: 01753 730700

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Home Supplies

We regret to advise that Gillian Newland sadly passed away in September.  Gill was a lovely lady and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  The future of the hardware store is currently uncertain since Phil Newland is now considering retirement.

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“Proud to be local” - Licensed grocery store

96 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5TL

Tel: 01753 525767

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First Care Veterinary Centre

Expert care and advice for your family pets.

130 Knolton Way, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5SG

Tel: 01753 550044

Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 6.30pm, Sat: 8.30am – 12.00 noon

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Royal Capital

Chinese food to take away, fish & chips

104 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5TL

Tel: 01753 526574

Mon: closed (but open for Bank Holiday Mondays) / Tues-Sat: 12 noon-2pm, 5pm-11pm / Sun: 6pm-11pm

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Desi Spice Khana

 * Takeaway * Curries * Kebabs * Wedding Functions/Catering *

98 Knolton Way, Wexham, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5TL

Tel: 01753 570075

Open 7 days a week, 12pm till late

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Also on Knolton Way Parade:

News Express, + 2 other premises currently not trading

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