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The residents of Wexham Court are still engaged in battle in the ongoing war to protect a little piece of unspoilt Mother Earth.  The 'powers-that-be' have been planning to sell the common land to the south of Wexham Lodge to make way for developers to erect housing, and, at the time of writing, they are also insisting on a break clause being included in the Wexham Court Parish Council Lease in respect of the public amenity land to the north of Norway Drive.  In short, this would mean that the entire area could be subjected to development.

However, Slough Borough Council, along with the developers, were stopped in their tracks by an application for 'Village Green Status', initially instigated by Wexham Lea Borough Councillor David MacIsaac and officially put forward by our WCPC Chairman, Henry Egan, on behalf of the residents whose rights to use and enjoy this land are being threatened.  If Village Green Status is obtained, it would offer permanent protection to the land for the foreseeable future and the people of Wexham would retain their right to carry on with their usual pastimes.  This currently includes use of the mown amenity field for games, picnics, socialising and exercise, and use of the uncultivated common land behind it for other regular activities such as bird-watching, painting & photography, blackberry-picking, dog walking and observing the wealth of local nature that inhabits and hunts on the land.

The BILLD group, who are currently in control of the Borough Council Administration in coalition with the Conservatives, pledged to support the Village Green Application.  However, at a Slough Borough Council Cabinet Meeting which took place on the 8th September it became clear that many of these Members were backtracking on their promises and the expected support was no longer forthcoming.  At this meeting, Borough Councillor Dexter Smith put forward a new 'compromise proposal' to use part of the land in Wexham for an elderly care home, with the possibility of the remainder being leased to WCPC thus preventing any further development.

Official objections to the Village Green were put forward by Slough Borough Council, one of which was none other than our very own ex-Parish Councillor of WCPC, Joan Jones!!  Local residents have stated that one would have thought that, as a past representative of the people of Wexham, Mrs Jones would have offered her support to her fellow constituents.  But, alas, it appears that this was not the case.  Indeed, it has been suggested that this may be considered an act of revenge on her part due to her having been voted OUT of Wexham Lea and Wexham Court Parish by the local electorate.

The key to solving the mysteries of a politician's mind is clearly just as elusive as ever to those of us who follow the basic rules of common sense and good taste!

A Public Enquiry took place in December 2004 to decide the fate of our Village Green Application.  Please see the 'Village Green Update' on the home page for more information.

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