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Several local residents, including my own family members, have been lobbying Wexham Court Parish and Borough Councillors for some years to enforce an existing by-law and stop the abuse of our grass verges and open spaces here in Wexham.  However, we were repeatedly told that no documentary proof of the by-law could be located.  That was until one of our Independent WCPC Councillors finally managed to lay his hands on a copy of the original document, and the result of this was that Slough Borough Council were forced to acknowledge its existence and to review and update the local by-laws.  Indeed, a whole new set of by-laws were introduced as of June 2004, not only to control the driving and parking of vehicles on green areas and footpaths, but also to combat other forms of antisocial behaviour in the Borough.

This long-awaited result was particularly welcomed by the people of Wexham, where we have many green areas in need of protection, and it was also hoped that the new by-laws would improve the safety of pedestrians whose right of way is often violated by inconsiderate drivers.  Unfortunately, some individuals do not have an appropriate respect for our surroundings, or consideration for the rights or safety of others.  The repeated violation of green areas has resulted in severe damage to many verges, but we were assured that enforcement of the revised by-laws would address this issue, allowing the abused areas to recover with time.  However, whilst the Borough Council is now dealing with various other antisocial behaviour issues, it is sadly taking far too long for them to take the necessary steps to protect our green verges and we are still awaiting action. 

The Chairman and I frequently chase up this issue, but we are repeatedly told that SBC does not yet have the means to deal with such offences.  It is our opinion that all it would take is a few well publicised prosecutions to make an example of the selfish individuals who habitually flaunt the laws and turn our green areas into eyesores and mud-baths.  This would immediately get the message across to other offenders, and the threat of prosecution and fines would deter them from their irresponsible driving practices.

Rest assured that we will continue to pursue SBC to take appropriate action in accordance with this revised by-law which they are currently failing to enforce.

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