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I am advised that some nasty individuals have targeted the properties of elderly residents in the Borough touting for work.  One such incident involved them pruning some trees in the garden of an elderly lady, even though she did not request it, and they then demanded money from her.  Fortunately, in this case, the intervention of a friend resulted in these men leaving empty handed.  However, please advise your friends and family that they should not allow any work to be carried out by casual callers since this may encourage them to tout for business in the area, which may subsequently put the elderly at risk.  Also, please ensure that your elderly relatives and neighbours are aware that they should never answer the door to strangers or allow access to their homes by anybody who hasn't arranged a prior appointment.

Also, burglaries have taken place in the region involving various modes of distraction including a lost ball, lost kitten, fencing repairs, bogus Water Board officials, etc.  Please be on the lookout for such offenders since they could turn up anywhere, and if you witness anything suspicious you should call the Police.

As always, please keep a vigilant eye on your elderly neighbours and relatives to prevent them from becoming victims of these and other con men.


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