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One or more unscrupulous individuals in the Wexham area have been abusing the trust of residents whose doors or windows are left unlocked.  Several items of jewellery were recently stolen from a local couple who removed the expensive items to prevent damaging them whilst doing a spot of gardening.  Unfortunately, they forgot to check whether the side door to their property was locked and, whilst they were in the back garden, a thief or thieves brazenly entered their kitchen and stole the jewellery in broad daylight.

A handbag was stolen from the kitchen of another property the same afternoon and it is therefore possible that the two burglaries were carried out by the same perpetrator/s.

Residents with unsecured sheds and outbuildings have also fallen victim to burglars in the area and the police are advising that locks should be used in an attempt to prevent access to intruders, and any particularly valuable items should not be stored in outbuildings that may be considered easy targets.  In addition to this, all doors and windows should be secured whenever an owner/occupier is not inside their property, and handbags and car keys should be taken upstairs at night time.

As one couple have said... "We shouldn't have to make ourselves prisoners in our own homes in order to keep our valuables safe... it's shameful that we can't even venture into our own back garden these days, without first making sure that every door and window is secured to prevent these parasites from encroaching on our privacy.  They are taking advantage of the trust and goodwill of their fellow residents, and one can only hope that they will become a victim some day so that they will then know how it feels to lose their special possessions and have their personal space violated."

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