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Following complaints about the abundance of ugly 'Welcome to Slough' signs that appeared all over our town, Slough Borough Council has now put in place more defined signs for individual areas such as Wexham.

It would appear that some people are reluctant to admit that they live in 'Slough', and prefer instead to say they live in a specific village or area within the Borough.  Come on you guys..... Slough isn't that bad!!!  If it was good enough for Queen Victoria to stop by on a regular basis, and it's still good enough for our present Queen to live just up the road, then I'm sure the rest of us can't have much to complain about!  I respectfully suggest that you should maybe take a look at the pages on my personal website which highlight the many finer qualities of our town which are so often overlooked.  Please follow this link to browse my pages on 'The Brighter Side of Slough':

Places of Interest and Facts About the Slough (Berkshire) area

You will also find a link on the WCPC index page to my research section detailing the remarkable history of our town --- 'The Origins of Slough'

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