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The Police, working in partnership with the DVLA and Council, have recently been carrying out local operations to rid our streets of abandoned and untaxed vehicles.  Such vehicles are often unsightly and dangerous and their removal is therefore most welcomed by all... except the offending owners, of course!  The crackdown often includes destruction of the illegal vehicle using a mobile crushing unit, and this has become a regular sight throughout the Borough.  Areas recently targeted have been Manor Park and Wexham, and further operations are planned in these areas in the future.  Residents often complain about the lack of parking around our estate and surrounding areas due to the amount of abandoned/untaxed vehicles blocking up our roads.  Residents can assist in the removal of these vehicles by reporting the vehicle as follows:

How do I report a vehicle that appears to be unlicensed?

If you wish to report a vehicle that appears to be unlicensed, the details can be submitted in the following ways:

1.  In writing to your nearest DVLA Local Office. This may be done anonymously.

2.  By e-mail to unlicensed.use@dvla.gsi.gov.uk

3.  By telephone on 0800 032 5202.

The details must include the registration mark, location, make/model, and colour of the vehicle.

Wherever possible, please also provide the name and address of the owner, if known.

The information provided can then be used for further investigations by an Inquiry Officer who will make a formal sighting of the vehicle and complete a witness statement.

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