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We are fortunate in Wexham to have the benefit of an excellent Neighbourhood Policing Team who are always keen to find ways of dealing with any issues that are brought to their attention.  Whilst this is generally a quiet, safe, and very pleasant area we do still experience our fair share of problems relating to groups of youths and antisocial behaviour.  Both the Policing Team and the Parish Councillors know the identities of many of the local 'yoblets' (as we colloquially call them) and do their best to keep them in check.  However, it can of course be more difficult to identify the perpetrators of such behaviour who are visiting from outside the area.

As part of their ongoing efforts to control the abovementioned problems, the Policing Team are currently proposing to introduce a Dispersal Order, to be principally applied in the area of The Cherries and Knolton Way shops.  This would give them additional powers to disperse any groups of youths who are causing a nuisance or intimidating our residents or shopkeepers.  Furthermore, they plan to designate Wexham Lea as an Alcohol Exclusion Zone.  Poor behaviour by youths (and indeed adults) is often found to be linked to the consumption of alcohol so it is our view that the Alcohol Exclusion Zone will go hand-in-hand with the Dispersal Order in resolving some of the related problems.  The Parish Council is therefore in full support of these proposed measures and is keen to see them implemented as soon as possible.

The Policing Team has been consulting with local residents and will provide updates on the progress of the Dispersal and Alcohol Exclusion Orders at the monthly Meetings of Council which they regularly attend.

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