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The strong winds in early January 2012 took their toll on the blue cedar tree that stood on the parish land to the north of Norway Drive.  This lovely tree, shown here in its former glory next to Wexham Lodge and the care homes, hit the ground with such force that it was left laying scattered in pieces.

The Parish Council had always sought to protect this old giant with a view to retaining it for the enjoyment of the public, but sadly our good intentions were no match for the winds to which the tree succumbed... such is the power of Mother Nature.  Having inspected the inside of the broken main trunk we found that this had been attacked by woodworm, resulting in it being irreversibly weakened.

The piece of land on which it stood is still subject to an Agreement for Lease to the Parish Council, and is awaiting clearance by the Borough Council before completion of the lease can take place.  Once they have progressed this clearance, which will now include removal of the fallen tree, the Parish Council will plant a new cedar tree in a nearby spot.  However, I suspect that it may take a hundred years or so to resemble the one that has been lost! 


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