MINUTES of the MEETING of the COUNCIL held on Tuesday, the

14th November, 2006, at the Parish Hall, Norway Drive, Wexham, Slough.


(Approved by Council at the meeting on 12th December 2006)



Councillors Henry Egan (Chairman),

Evelyn Aldridge, Robert Aldridge, Dave Davies, Tony Haines,

Cheryl Hemming, Gavin Hemming, David MacIsaac, and Dianne Walker.

Officers: Dianne Egan (Clerk), Tina Kellett (Finance Clerk).

Borough Councillor Latif Khan.

Beat Officer Cerrig Shardlow and Community Warden Chris Spencer.



Councillors Bryan Corps (unwell).



Councillor Dalip Rajput.




Councillors Cheryl Hemming and Gavin Hemming declared an interest in relation to Item 14 due to an employee being a member of their family, and Councillor MacIsaac declared an interest in relation to Item 15.




The Minutes of the Meeting of 12th September 2006 were approved as a correct record.  There were no matters arising.




The Minutes of the Meeting of 10th October 2006 were approved as a correct record.  There were no matters arising.




The Minutes of the Special Meeting of 19th October 2006 were approved as a correct record.  There were no matters arising.




PC Cerrig Shardlow reported that Halloween Night had been good this year.  He had visited elderly residents in Wexham and had kept an eye on the area together with PCSOís.  Two egg incidents had arisen, but no other anti-social behaviour had taken place.  It was noted that some incidents had occurred in other areas outside of Wexham.  The Chairman reported that there had been an arson attack on the Parish Hall shed to which the fire services had been called, but damage was minimal.


Numerous incidents had been reported in the area of The Cherries recently and Cerrig had spoken to some youths, many of whom were now staying away.  The remainder were aware that they are being watched.  Several vehicles had been seized locally in relation to drug activities and street racing.  Graffiti had been found on the new play equipment and Cerrig was trying to obtain a graffiti kit to deal with this.  He was also dealing with reports of damage and litter at the rear of the new Tesco store, and fly tipping at the garage sites.  He reported that a gate is to be installed at the rear of the Knolton Way shops for use only by the shop residents, with pedestrian access to other users.


Some groups of youths had been causing problems, particularly in the areas of the shops, but the Police could now disperse these groups and instruct them to take a pre‑determined route home.  This strategy was proving to be effective.


A proposed mural on the Sheehy Way wall had been given approval and Wexham School & St Josephís School would be carrying out the artwork.  It was made clear that this had been Cerrigís initiative, despite Slough Borough Council trying to take credit for the idea.  ICI would be supplying the paint.


Other items raised included a blue van parked at the junction of Knolton Way/Almons Way, which had now been removed; a lorry parking on the pavement in Moat Drive, which Cerrig would look into; and an ongoing problem with street-racers around the estate, including two accidents in Norway Drive and the junction of Shaggy Calf Lane/Wexham Road which is was believed may be related.  Cerrig would try to arrange for the Traffic Police to deal with this since the high performance cars often associated with street-racing could outrun the normal Police vehicles.


Finally, it was reported that two suspects had been arrested in connection with local burglaries, including an incident at Councillor Corpsí home.


The Clerk was asked to write a letter to Cerrigís superiors praising him for his excellent work in Wexham.  Community Warden Chris Spencer was delayed at another meeting, and he would therefore address the Council upon his arrival.




Councillor Haines reported that a parishioner had approached him regarding parking arrangements in Norway Drive, and this related to the request for an access road to numbers 58-68 which had been refused.  The resident in question was continuing to complain about the refusal, the reasons for which the Chairman clarified.  The installation of parking bays on the opposite side of the road had been offered, but not accepted.  The Local Development Framework was being changed to support the retention of green areas.  Councillor Haines informed Council of a possible meeting regarding the proposed care home to the north of Norway Drive.  The Clerk reported that she had called a briefing meeting between SBC/Hanover and Parish Council Members for Thursday evening.


Councillor Khan reported that he had also been approached regarding the refused Norway Drive access road, and was aware that several multiple-occupation landlords were involved.  He had reiterated and supported the Parish Councilís reasons for refusal.


Councillor MacIsaac thanked the Parish Council representatives for attending the Remembrance Day service and his recent charity quiz night.  In his capacity as Mayor, he would be switching on the Christmas lights this year and invited Members to attend.  He had attended the Bowls Club Presentation Evening, but commented that he felt the Chairman should have been invited to present the Parish Trophy.


Councillor MacIsaac had been trying to keep graffiti under control locally, and had been following up the problems reported by the Chairman in relation to mud being spread on the road by the Sikh School construction vehicles.  He reported that the wheels were now being hosed.  The illegally operating UK Cabs in Knolton Way were to be taken back to Court by SBC as they were continuing to carry on their business. 


Councillor MacIsaac stated that he had also been approached regarding the refusal of the access road.  He was continuing to chase up the incidents of fly-tipping at Quinbrookes garages, for which legal action would be taken against the perpetrators, and removal of the calor gas cylinders raised by Councillors Davies and Egan, and similar problems of fly-tipping in Edmunds Way reported by Councillor Cheryl Hemming were being investigated by SBC.  The damaged wall behind Knolton Way shops reported by Councillors Walker and Egan was being costed for repair by SBC.


Councillor Aldridge reported that there had been a large amount of broken glass and other litter in The Cherries Play Area and he was advised that it is the responsibility of SBC to keep the area clean and tidy.  He had also witnessed dangerous parking practices in Moat Drive at school times.  Drivers were mounting the footpath to get through, thus causing a severe hazard to children entering and leaving the school.  It was suggested that bollards or a one-way system should be installed and Councillor MacIsaac would look into this.


Councillor Walker reported that the full skip at 103 Quinbrookes was continuing to cause a problem and Councillor MacIsaac would follow this up.  Bricks and rubble had also been dumped on Council land adjacent to the last house in Quinbrookes, and this residentís vehicles were causing an obstruction on the corner.  PC Shardlow would approach the owner regarding this.  The above-mentioned problems were being compounded by the new residents at 90 Quinbrookes.


Councillor Haines reported that the speed limit on the Uxbridge Road between The Frithe and the Bucks boundary would be dropped to 40mph in the near future.  The road improvements would soon be commencing outside the Sikh School entrance.  The Chairman expressed his concern that this would cause chaos.  Councillor Davies commented that concerns had been raised about the loss of several trees at the site, and Councillor MacIsaac would try to obtain feedback regarding possible replacement of some trees.


Councillor Davies reported that many of the items he had been dealing with were in partnership with the Chairman, and were included in his report.  He commented that SBC seemed keen to assist him at the moment in dealing with various issues.  He had attended the Remembrance Day Service and congratulated the Mayor on the new format which he felt had worked well.  The Quinbrookes garages fly-tipping problem had been reported to the local Press.


The Chairman had prepared a written report and this was circulated.  He had recently attended a meeting with the Fire Safety Officer, together with Councillor Davies and the Clerk.  The FSO was impressed with the work undertaken in connection with the new legislation and the Parish Councilís compliance was confirmed.  The Chairman commented that the Remembrance Day Service was very good and well organised, and the Police also did an excellent job. 




The Finance Clerk submitted the Financial Statements for the 1st to 31st August and the 1st to 30th September, and invited questions from Members. 


The external audit had been completed by Hacker Young and no queries had been raised.  However, they had dated the document incorrectly and the Finance Clerk would therefore return it for amendment.  The second instalment of the 2006/07 Precept had now been received and the Finance Clerk recommended that the sum of £20K be moved back into the Councilís Alliance & Leicester savings account. 

No replacement current account cheque books had been received for some time and the Clerk would write to NatWest to chase this up.


The Finance Clerk was praised for her work in ensuring that the audit was successfully completed.


RESOLVED: That the Finance Statements for August and September 2006 be approved, and authority be given for twenty-five cheques to be signed.   


RESOLVED:  That the sum of £20K be moved from the NatWest current account to the Alliance & Leicester savings account.




The Clerk had previously circulated updates to Members regarding recent planning applications and various items were discussed.  Objections had been raised to applications at 349 Uxbridge Road, 86 The Frithe, 140 Knolton Way, 27 The Normans, 9 Farm Crescent, 87 Knolton Way, and 28 Hillersdon.  The Clerk commented that, although a greater number of applications were being refused of late, there were still some large developments being approved despite Parish objections.


Wexham School were now using the Hall more regularly, but were still fine-tuning their schedule.  A further meeting with representatives of the school had been planned for the 11th December at 3.30pm, to review the current arrangements and discuss any issues that had arisen so far.  All Members were invited to attend this meeting.


Councillor Bryan Corps and his wife Pat had asked the Clerk to pass on their thanks for the messages of support received following their recent house intruder.




Having been adjourned from the previous Meeting of Council, in accordance with Item No. 76 of the Standing Orders, the amendment to include the Chairmanís Jewel was now unanimously approved.


RESOLVED: That the Councilís Standing Orders be amended; Item No. 73 to be replaced as follows with all consecutive items being renumbered:


73.       The Chairmanís Jewel


            The Chairmanís Jewel shall remain the property of the residents of Wexham Court Parish Council and shall remain in the safe custody of the Clerk at all times, except when being worn by the Chairman for official duties or events.




Recent P.A.T. testing had condemned the old microwaves in the Parish Hall kitchens and the Clerk had therefore obtained costings for replacement items.  She recommended Panasonic microwave/grills at £149.99 each, which were of a suitable size, had stainless steel interiors and exteriors, and would be easy to clean.


RESOLVED:  That the purchase of two stainless steel Panasonic microwave/grills be approved; the Clerk to arrange ordering/delivery.




A two-stage ladder was required for the Parish Hall to facilitate the carrying out of various maintenance work, including guttering/down-pipe repairs and roof access.  The Chairman reported that a suitable ladder could be purchased for a sum in the region of £130.  Councillor Gavin Hemming pointed out that European Health & Safety legislation would need to be considered.  It was agreed that appropriate safety supports for the legs should also be purchased, and the Clerk should put a rule in place to ensure that the ladder can only be used by Council staff if an additional person is present to assist.


RESOLVED:  That a maximum sum of £200 be approved for the purchase of a two-stage ladder, including safety supports.




Councillor Davies proposed that high visibility vests should be purchased for use by all Members/Officers when carrying out public duties such as estate inspections.  This would help to make representatives of the Council more easily identified by residents in the course of their duties, and would also increase our visibility in the community.  The total cost of this purchase would be no more than £53, including the printing of Wexham Court Parish Council on the back.  Councillor Cheryl Hemming suggested that she may be able to obtain the vests at a competitive price, and she was therefore asked to make the necessary enquiries.


RESOLVED:  That the sum of £53 be approved for the purchase of high-visibility vests for all Members/Officers.




Councillor Davies proposed that the Council hold a social evening to be attended by all staff and Members, together with their partners, for the purpose of raising funds for the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust.  This would also be an opportunity for the staff and Members to enjoy a social evening, since many of them never get to meet one another in the course of their various duties.  It was proposed that the event take place at the local Bowls Club, and that a raffle be held, and that the funds raised from this be doubled by the Parish Council.  It was also proposed that an appropriate sum be approved to purchase refreshments for the attendees.  The Members and Officers would each be asked to bring some food to provide a buffet at the event, and the raffle prizes would also be donated.  It was agreed that this would be an enjoyable occasion in support of a worthy cause.


RESOLVED:  That the said fundraising event be approved, date to be advised, and,

a)       proceeds from the raffle be equalled by a Parish Council donation, and presented to the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust, and,

b)      the sum of £150 be provided for refreshments.




The Mayor, Councillor David MacIsaac, left the meeting for this item.  He had recently held a charity quiz night which was attended by some of the Members and local residents.  The entry fees were used as a donation in support of the Mayorís charities, and the Chairman therefore rounded up the Parish donation to £50 pending Councilís approval to reimburse this sum. 


RESOLVED:  That the donation of £50 be approved.




There were no members of the public present at this meeting.  Community Warden Chris Spencer was therefore invited to update the Council on his activities.  He reported that there had been a recent blitz on abandoned vehicles, but that no calls had been received from the Wexham area.  He added that most vehicles that were causing an obstruction or other nuisance were promptly moved once Notices were placed on them.  Chris had also been following up the fly-tipping problems at the Quinbrookes garage site, and a jacked up car had also been reported today.  It had been fairly quiet otherwise.  Driving on grass verges was an ongoing problem which was yet to be resolved by the Borough Council.  It was noted that the Sikh School construction vehicles were also churning up the grass verge adjacent to the entrance.


Councillor Davies thanked Chris for all his work in the Parish, and Chris commented that the local residents had been very helpful.


The Meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.


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