MINUTES of the SPECIAL MEETING of the COUNCIL held on Wednesday, the

2nd May, 2007, at the Parish Hall, Norway Drive, Wexham, Slough.



Councillors Dave Davies (Chairman),

Evelyn Aldridge, Bryan Corps,

Tony Haines (from 7.40), Cheryl Hemming,

Gavin Hemming, David MacIsaac, and Dianne Walker.

Borough Councillor Latif Khan.

Officers: Dianne Egan (Clerk).  Attendance of Finance Clerk not required.



Councillors Robert Aldridge (working),

 Henry Egan (chairing Bowls Club Lease meeting).



Councillor Dalip Rajput.





Councillor MacIsaac declared an interest in respect of his position as both Parish Councillor and Mayor since he would be required to endorse the Parish Leases on behalf of SBC.  Councillors Davies, MacIsaac, Cheryl Hemming and Gavin Hemming also declared their interest in respect of their associate membership of the Bowls Club although it was agreed that this was not necessary since associate members do not sit on the Executive Committee or play any part in decision making processes on behalf of the Club.



          (Land north of Norway Drive, and The Cherries)


The Chairman and Clerk explained that negotiations in relation to the Parish Leases and the Bowls Club Sublease had recently recommenced following the Cabinet’s removal of the Break Clause on the draft amenity land Lease.  They had attended several meetings with the Parish Council’s solicitor, SBC’s Legal Officers, the Bowls Club and the Lease Working Group in order to finalise the contents of all Leases, including an ‘Agreement for Lease’ for the new land that had been promised to the Parish to the west of the Care Homes site.  It was clarified that the new land could not actually be leased to us until the development was complete and the land was available to be handed over for our immediate use. 

Various amendments had been made to the Parish Leases and agreement between all parties had now been achieved.  The Bowls Club Sublease had been re-written and greatly simplified by the Clerk so that it would largely mirror the contents of the Parish Leases, and they were now in agreement except for two minor items which were awaiting final approval by our solicitor.  The Club had also asked that consideration be given to increasing the intervals of the rent reviews from three to four years, but Members accepted the recommendation of the Lease Working Group and agreed to retain the three-yearly intervals as stated in the final draft of the Sublease.   


The final Leases and accompanying documents were presented to the Members present, who were given the opportunity to read the documents and put questions to the Clerk and Chairman.  It was noted that a substantial amount of work had taken place in order to progress the Leases thus far, and it was hoped that completion could take place by the end of the current week.  It was stressed that this was considered a matter of some urgency due to the possible changes in SBC’s administration that could be brought about by the impending Borough Elections. 


The Chairman asked that the Council’s thanks to the Clerk be recorded for her important role in finalising all the Leases.  He also expressed his thanks to Councillor Egan, our previous Chairman, for his assistance with the above, and to the Borough Ward Councillors for their support. 


After further discussion it was proposed that the Bowls Club Sublease, the Parish Leases, the Agreement for Lease (for the new land), and the Licence to Sub-Let that had been laid before the Council be approved for signature.  The Members voted by a show of hands and approval of all the said documents was unanimous.


The Chairman and Clerk duly signed the approved documents, with the exception of the Bowls Club Sublease which would be signed once confirmation was obtained from our solicitor in respect of the amendments mentioned above.


RESOLVED: That the Bowls Club Sublease be approved for completion and signed upon confirmation from the Parish Council’s solicitor in regard to the requested amendments.


RESOLVED:  That the Parish Leases, and the ‘Agreement for Lease’ for the new land west of the Care Home site, be approved for completion.


The Meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

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