MINUTES of the MEETING of the COUNCIL held on Tuesday, the

10th July, 2007, at the Parish Hall, Norway Drive, Wexham, Slough.


(Approved by Council at the meeting on 11th September 2007)



Councillors Robert Aldridge (in the Chair),

Evelyn Aldridge, Bryan Corps, ,

Tony Haines (from 7.45), Cheryl Hemming, Gavin Hemming,

David MacIsaac, Dalip Rajput, and Dianne Walker.

Borough Councillor Latif Khan.

Officers: Dianne Egan (Clerk), Tina Kellett (Finance Clerk).

Beat Officer Cerrig Shardlow and colleague Nick Curry.

Three members of the public.



Councillor Dave Davies.

Community Warden Chris Spencer.





No Member had an interest to declare.




The Minutes of the Meeting of 12th June 2007 were approved as a correct record.  There were no matters arising. 




PC Shardlow reported that a massive plain clothes operation had recently taken place resulting in two prominent criminals now being imprisoned.  Vehicle crime had dropped, but it was noted that equipment such as laptops being left in view was still a problem and this encouraged the theft of such items.  Drug activity had taken a huge drop since a warrant had been recently executed in Rochford Gardens, and a street caution had also been issued to a man in possession of cannabis at Upton Lea.


A shoplifter had been apprehended and charged at the new Tesco store in Upton Lea, and various public order offences were also being dealt with including ongoing enquiries into the repeated harassment of an old man by one individual.


Neighbourhood Policing would be rolled out in the Wexham area in December and PC Shardlow introduced his colleague, Neighbourhood Officer Nick Curry, who would be working with him on a shift pattern.  This would mean that an Officer would always be on duty between 7am and 3pm.  Wexham had also been delegated a PCSO, who would be introduced at the next meeting of Council, and this would increase our local Neighbourhood Policing team to three people.


PC Shardlow had spoken to the owners of the offending vehicles parked at the junction of Quinbrookes and Berryfield, and would continue to keep an eye on this situation.


The Clerk reported that she had received information from Community Warden Chris Spencer in response to the request from residents for an additional dog bin.  The Borough Council had stated that, since the installation of each dog bin costs in the region of £1000 (plus further costs for regular emptying and maintenance), they would rather people took their dog waste home with them in a bag.  The residents concerned were not satisfied with this and Councillor Robert Aldridge therefore agreed to pursue the matter further.  




Councillor Cheryl Hemming had reported an abandoned vehicle in Farm Crescent and would follow this up to ensure its removal.


Councillor Corps reported that a large and overgrown hedge on the corner of The Normans/Knolton Way was obstructing the footpath and Councillor MacIsaac offered to check this.


Councillor Evelyn Aldridge had telephoned Accord in regard to a pile of tarmac obstructing the Uxbridge Road service road, which had promptly been removed.


Councillor MacIsaac reported the following:


v           The Parish Leases were still with the District Auditor and various reports had been compiled by SBC’s Legal Department to support our case.

v           The Section 106 funding requested by the Parish Council had not been forthcoming due to the Borough Officers not having co-operated with instructions from their Councillors.  Disciplinary action could not be taken due to loopholes in relation to the Officers’ delegated practices.  Councillor MacIsaac had now approached the Parks Department to ask whether they may be able to contribute to the planned new sports area.  He was also currently the Chairman of the Berkshire Fundraising Group, who would try to find a way to offer their support for the project.

v           A mobile camper was being used as living accommodation for Polish workers in Dornels and Councillor MacIsaac was trying to get this stopped.

v           Zeib Bakers at Knolton Way Parade was now running a pizza shop and this was contrary to Borough Council Policy in regard to competing businesses.  A notice to quit had been served on them but, if ignored, they would need to be taken to Court for eviction proceedings.  It had been noted that problems in The Cherries had increased due to the gathering of youths visiting the pizza shop.

v           The overgrown area surrounding the sub-station at the rear of Armstrong House was to be cut back by the Electricity Board.

v           Councillor MacIsaac was continuing to try and tackle graffiti at the rear of Knolton Way shops and in The Cherries play area.

v           Fly tipping at Quinbrookes garages had been reported for clearing.

v           A skate park installed in a garden in The Cherries had been causing noise and nuisance issues.  A Court Order would have to be obtained to remove this.

v           A clamping scheme had recently been used in Britwell to deal with the parking of vehicles on grass verges.  However, this had caused a lot of problems and complaints and alternative measures were currently being considered.


Councillor Corps asked whether anything could be done about vehicles blocking dropped kerbs, particularly outside the new Tesco store.  Councillor Haines suggested that the security guard at Tesco may be able to move vehicles on.  Councillor MacIsaac would follow this up and advised that the Police or Community Wardens could deal with such obstructions.  He was also continuing to work with Officers to get vehicles for sale removed.


Councillor Haines reported that an Annual Attitude Survey had taken place and he hoped to have the results for Wexham Lea available for distribution by the next Parish meeting.  A final consultation on the Local Development Framework would be taking place next year and the Parish Council would be included in this.  Councillor Haines suggested that we should look at the effects of extensions and other planning and neighbourhood issues.


The Chairman closed by thanking Councillor Egan for all the hard work he had done on behalf of the Parish during his time as a Member and Chairman.




The Finance Clerk submitted the Financial Statement for the 1st to 31st May.  The April Statement was also re-submitted due to an error which the Finance Clerk had discovered following its previous approval.  She clarified the correction to the error and invited questions from Members.


Members were notified that a training session would be taking place with the Finance Clerk to clarify the format and workings of Finance Statements, and all were invited to attend.


The Year End Accounts were now ready to be submitted at the next Finance & General Purpose Committee meeting.


RESOLVED: That the Finance Statement for May 2007 and the re-submitted Finance Statement for April 2007 be approved, and authority be given for twenty-five cheques to be signed.       




The Clerk had previously circulated updates to Members regarding recent planning applications and various items were discussed.  Objections had been raised to an application at 1 Quinbrookes.  Councillor Corps raised some questions with the Clerk in regard to various applications, and she would check her records and report back to him as soon as possible.  The Clerk asked the Borough Councillors to chase up SBC in regard to approving the updated planning guidelines.


The Clerk reported that the garage roof and tennis court fencing had now been repaired, along with various other maintenance jobs at the Parish Hall.  She would try to obtain quotes for full replacement of the tennis court fencing in due course. 


A one-day Councillor Training course would be taking place in September at a cost of £37 per delegate and the Clerk would distribute details of this course to all Members to ascertain the numbers attending.  Neighbourhood Enforcement Team Leader, Diane Viechweg, was also running a drop-in session on Friday, 20th July, in Langley and all Members/Officers were invited to attend.


The Clerk notified Members that Standards Committee representatives would be attending our next meeting in September.  This was part of a recent initiative by the Standards Board to become more closely involved with Parish Councils.


A letter of thanks had been received from St Mary’s Church for the Parish Council’s donation, but no response had yet been received from the after school club further to our offer of support in purchasing equipment.




The Chairman chose to include this item on the Agenda since time allowed.  It was reported by a member of the public that the bus stop in Wexham Road opposite the junction with Norway Drive was overgrown and rubbish had been dumped.  The Chairman offered to chase up the clearing of this area.


Following the installation of the new cycle/footpath in Wexham Road a great deal of yellow-flowering weeds had erupted alongside a lengthy stretch of the path.  Treatment of these weeds would be chased up.


The Chairman informed residents that SBC had recently carried out a blitz on untaxed and abandoned vehicles, and they would be returning in the near future.


Councillor Haines proposed a vote of thanks to this evening’s Chairman, Councillor Robert Aldridge, for heading a good and efficient meeting.


Councillor MacIsaac informed all present that a Culture Evening would be taking place at Wexham School on the 19th July, and there were currently two Governor vacancies at the school.


 Part I of the Meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


RESOLVED: That, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it was advisable in the public interest that the Press and Public be temporarily excluded, and they were instructed to withdraw.


During Part II the following item was discussed:

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