MINUTES of the MEETING of the COUNCIL held on Tuesday, the

14th June, 2011, at the Parish Hall, Norway Drive, Wexham, Slough.



Councillors Dave Davies (Chairman),

Patrick Donachy, Carl Egan,

Harjinder Singh Gahir, Munawar Hussain,

and Shabana Zeib.

Officers: Dianne Egan (Clerk), Tina Kellett (Finance Clerk).

Borough Councillors Haqeeq Ashraf Dar and Paul Sohal.

Sgt Jon Moores.

Community Warden Dave Lee.

Two members of the public.



Councillors Peter Gerstmann (due to deadline in carrying out clearance of his late motherís house),

Sandra Malik (attending her grandsonís Police Award presentation),

Keith Nunn (due to deadline on a college assignment),

and Vinay Vyas (working).



Councillor Robert Aldridge.





RESOLVED: That apologies for absence offered in respect of this meeting be approved.


19.     DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST                               


The Chairman declared an interest in relation to his membership of the Wexham Bowls Club, but it was noted that he was only a member and had no influence over the Executive Committee or running of the Club.




The Minutes of the Meeting of 10th May 2011 were approved as a correct record.




The Minutes of the F&GP Committee Meeting of 26th May 2011 were approved following an amendment requested by Councillor Donachy.


The recommendation of the Committee in relation to the Bowls Club Rent Review was discussed at length.  A vote took place by a show of hands to determine whether or not the proposed rent increase should be applied for the current Rent Review Period.  This was revoked by a vote of 3 to 1, from which the remaining two Members abstained.


The other recommendations of the F&GP Committee were approved.  This included Full Council approval of the Annual Accounts and signing of the Annual Return, in accordance with the timescales set by the auditor.


RESOLVED: That the Bowls Club rent remain unaltered until the date of the next Rent Review in November 2013.


RESOLVED: That the Annual Accounts for year ending March 2011 be approved, and that the Annual Return be duly signed and submitted to the auditor.




Sgt Jon Moores reported that a drugs house had been closed down in Upton Lea, resulting in a four-year custodial sentence and seizure of the property.


Speeding operations had been taking place in Colnbrook and residents were working with the Police to deal with culprits.  This scheme would be rolled out to other areas in due course.


Various instances of antisocial behaviour and drug related issues were discussed, but there were no other particular ongoing crime issues at present.  The Chairman and Councillor Donachy invited the other Members to join them at a meeting to be arranged with the Head of Wexham School.  The Community Warden and Police indicated that they would also attend this meeting.


The Chairman reported an incident of vandalism at the Allotment Site and asked for increased patrols in that area.


Community Warden Dave Lee reported that the majority of the complaints he received were in relation to antisocial behaviour involving youths.  He had been dealing with recent problems occurring in the area of the Norway Drive/Bell Close alleyway, and had also been patrolling the garage sites and The Cherries and speaking to school students.  The Chairman advised that he had approached dog walkers visiting the amenity field early in the morning, but was threatened when he spoke to them about their dogs fouling.  The Community Warden Team would try to address this.


Sgt Moores and Dave Lee were thanked for attending the meeting.




Councillor Sohal stated that his name had been mentioned in connection with two recent planning applications Ė 150 The Normans and 70 Norway Drive - and he wished it noted that he had no involvement in these matters.  He was happy to consider the individual merits of any application but had no personal interest.


The planning application relating to the ground opposite the hospital being used for parking had been rejected and should have closed on the 31st May.  However, the Borough Council would need to issue an Enforcement Order and this could take some time as the applicant may appeal.  It was noted that when this car park does eventually close there could potentially be an additional 300 vehicles parking around the Wexham Court Estate.  It was suggested that the Football Club car park could be used if the Borough and Parish Councils were to approach them.  Councillor Gahir advised that this was discussed at the hospital meeting he had attended.  The Chairman explained that the Grass Verge/Traffic Working Group were currently trying to arrange the placement of yellow lines and a consultation would be taking place.


Councillor Dar had attended the Police Have Your Say meeting earlier in the evening and asked why the Parish Councillors did not attend these meetings.  The Chairman explained that they are busy with other comittments, and the Clerk pointed out that all residents are welcome to attend Council meetings if they have any matters to raise.  Councillor Dar stated that the residents at 58 Norway Drive were experiencing problems with antisocial behaviour in the neighbouring alleyway, but were unable to attend this meeting.  It was suggested that the alleyway could be gated, but the Chairman advised that the alleyway was a major thoroughfare for school students and other residents and was a public right of way.  CCTV coverage was also requested, but this was not possible.  The Clerk commented that she lived close to the alleyway but the only antisocial behaviour she had seen was in relation to graffiti on the pipe cladding recently installed at number 58.


Councillor Gahir reported that he had attended a meeting with Wexham Park Hospital, MP Dominic Grieve, and representatives of South Bucks Council on the 3rd June.  South Bucks Council seemed to be trying very hard but they didnít have the necessary funds to deal with the problems.  The Chairman advised that SBC had offered to take this on but South Bucks wouldnít let them.


Councillor Donachy reported that, in relation to the approved planning application at 150 The Normans, he had been contacted by a neighbouring resident who stated that Councillor Sohal got it pushed through.  Councillor Sohal had already indicated that this was not the case.  The Chairman had contacted the Planning Officer but was advised that nothing can be done about the application now it had been approved.  Further complaints had since been received about the building work and the concerned residents were advised to contact Building Control.


Another enquiry had been received regarding the article in the Annual Report/Newsletter about loss of tenancies.  SBC had confirmed that only one transfer of tenancy is allowed, and affected residents are advised to put their name on the housing waiting list since this obliges the Council to find them somewhere to live.


Councillor Vyas had submitted a written report and this was presented by the Chairman, as follows:


        The issue of the overgrown hedges along the Norway Drive/Almons Way alleyway was being resolved.  One resident had already cut back his hedge, and the other had agreed to do so.  It was hoped that arrangements could be made with the Probation Team to cut the hedges on a routine basis.

        Councillor Vyas had visited a resident in Hillersdon who had an issue with an overgrown tree encroaching into her back yard.  It was suggested that maybe the Parish Councillors could get involved and this would make a good story in the local Press.

This was discussed but it was agreed that it would be dangerous for WCPC to become involved since neither the tree nor the residents concerned were on land owned by the Parish.  It was recommended that SBC deal with the matter.

        Arrangements had been made to carry out a door-to-door consultation with residents in Norway Drive on the 10th June.  This was in relation to the placement of parking restrictions.  The Chairman and Councillor Donachy had met with Councillor Vyas to carry out this exercise, but they had been rained off.

        A meeting with the Clerk and the Probation Team had been arranged at the Allotment Site to discuss what work could be undertaken.

        Akzo Nobel had supplied the paint for the painting of the play area fencing and thanks were conveyed to Councillor Sohal for providing the necessary contact details.

        The trial verge protection measure in Almons Way was doing well and plenty of green growing through the gridding was visible.

        The Almons Way Big Lunch event had gone well.  Marquees had been erected to keep the rain out and about 30 residents had enjoyed the ample food, drink and chit-chat.


The Chairman reported that he had been dealing with some incidents of antisocial behaviour and attending various meetings with the Clerk and Members as usual. 


The Clerk and Chairman had been approached by the BBC wishing to do some filming for a puppet show at the Allotment Site.  This had taken place yesterday and the Chairman explained that the show, although involving puppets, contained adult content.  The sum of £300 was being paid by the BBC towards maintenance costs at the site.




The Finance Clerk submitted the Financial Statement for the 1st to 30th April and invited questions from Members.


RESOLVED: That the Finance Statement for April 2011 be approved, and authority be given for twenty-five cheques to be signed.         




The Clerk had circulated updates to Members regarding recent planning applications but no responses or objections had been received. 


Councillor Sohal advised that a Planning Committee Meeting would be taking place the next week to discuss applications at Wexham House and 2 The Link.  The Chairman raised the matter of Section 106 funds in relation to development of the Wexham House site since WCPC is the Local Authority for the area.  Councillor Sohal gave his assurance that he would try to get something out of the pot for us.




This item was opened for discussion and the sum of £500 was proposed to cover the annual insurance for all twenty girls attending the group.


RESOLVED: Agreed unanimously that the sum of £500 be donated in support of the 1st Wexham Brownies.




This item was opened for discussion and the sum of £50 was proposed.  It was noted that the Club provides free use of its premises for the Parish Councilís annual fundraising events.


RESOLVED: Agreed unanimously that the sum of £50 be donated in support of the Wexham Bowls Club Charity Day.




The Clerk explained that volunteers were needed to oversee the work taking place at The Cherries Play Area on Thursdays, and further work starting at the Allotment Site on the 14th July.  Councillors Gahir, Hussain and Zeib volunteered and details would be emailed to them.  Any small items required for the team to carry out their work could be obtained under the general maintenance budget.


The possibility of refreshments being provided was also discussed.  It was agreed that the Team Leader should be approached about this first, but the sum of £10 per session was provisionally approved should it be required.




The sum of £3,150 had been quoted by the Councilís regular contractors for this work.  A further quote would be sought from Enterprise for the ditching clearance, which was a requirement of the Environment Agency.  The Clerk indicated that the Egan Family would be willing to take on the task at a reduced cost, having cleared their own overgrown plot previously, but the Chairman dismissed this suggestion since he felt that they would not have the means to do a professional job.  Clearance of the overgrown plots would be further considered at the next meeting.




This item had been deferred from the May meeting pending a further quote for a solar device.  The quote for this was £2,695, but advice had been received that a solar unit may be more subject to the likelihood of damage/vandalism.  It was therefore agreed that a basic battery unit should be purchased, at a cost of £1,995, together with a spare battery.  The Clerk would contact NSO Nick Currie to arrange this.


RESOLVED: Purchase of a battery speed monitoring device and spare battery.




Members/Officers were invited to attend the Annual NALC Conference which would be taking place in London on 22nd September.  It was explained that the cost of £97.50 each plus travelling expenses would be covered by the training/conference budget.  Councillor Zeib indicated her wish to attend, and the Clerk would email all other Members to ascertain their availability.




There were no questions raised.


The Meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.

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