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Note:  Monthly Meetings of Full Council do not take place during January and August unless a Special Meeting is convened.

September 2005 Minutes

October 2005 Minutes

November 2005 Minutes

December 2005 Minutes

February 2006 Minutes

March 2006 Minutes

April 2006 Minutes

Annual Report 2006

May 2006 Minutes (AGM)

June 2006 Minutes

July 2006 Minutes

September 2006 Minutes

Please note that the October 2006 meeting was adjourned due to an insufficient quorum of Members present, and a Special Meeting of Council was subsequently arranged for the purpose of resolving some pressing items.

October 2006 Minutes (Special Meeting)

November 2006 Minutes

December 2006 Minutes

February 2007 Minutes

March 2007 Minutes

April 2007 Minutes

Annual Report 2007

May 2007 Minutes (Special Meeting)

May 2007 Minutes (AGM)

June 2007 Minutes

July 2007 Minutes

September 2007 Minutes

October 2007 Minutes

November 2007 Minutes

December 2007 Minutes

February 2008 Minutes

March 2008 Minutes

April 2008 Minutes

Annual Report 2008

May 2008 Minutes (AGM)

June 2008 Minutes

July 2008 Minutes

September 2008 Minutes

October 2008 Minutes

November 2008 Minutes

December 2008 Minutes

February 2009 Minutes

March 2009 Minutes

April 2009 Minutes

Annual Report 2009

May 2009 Minutes (AGM)

June 2009 Minutes

June 2009 Minutes (Special Meeting)

July 2009 Minutes

August 2009 Minutes (Special Meeting)

September 2009 Minutes

October 2009 Minutes

November 2009 Minutes

December 2009 Minutes

February 2010 Minutes

March 2010 Minutes

April 2010 Minutes

Annual Report 2010

May 2010 Minutes (AGM)

June 2010 Minutes

July 2010 Minutes

August 2010 Minutes (Special Meeting)

September 2010 Minutes

October 2010 Minutes

November 2010 Minutes

December 2010 Minutes

February 2011 Minutes

March 2011 Minutes

April 2011 Minutes

Annual Report 2011

May 2011 Minutes (AGM)

June 2011 Minutes

July 2011 Minutes

September 2011 Minutes

October 2011 Minutes

November 2011 Minutes

December 2011 Minutes

February 2012 Minutes

March 2012 Minutes

April 2012 Minutes

Annual Report 2012

May 2012 Minutes (AGM)

June 2012 Minutes

July 2012 Minutes (Special Meeting)

July 2012 Minutes

September 2012 Minutes

October 2012 Minutes

November 2012 Minutes

December 2012 Minutes

January 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

February 2013 Minutes

March 2013 Minutes

April 2013 Minutes

April 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

May 2013 Minutes

June 2013 Minutes

June 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

July 2013 Minutes

July 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

August 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

September 2013 Minutes

October 2013 Minutes

November 2013 Minutes

December 2013 Minutes (Special Meeting)

December 2013 Minutes

February 2014 Minutes

March 2014 Minutes

April 2014 Minutes

May 2014 Minutes

May 2014 Minutes (Special Meeting)


Various Minutes from May 2013 onwards have been amended and/or substituted since the Labour Group took control of the Parish Council. They have also published no statutory Annual Report since April 2012.

The following Minutes for June-November 2014 are the draft originals that were prepared by the former Clerk. Some Minutes were not signed in accordance with the Regulations. Whether or not they have since been approved cannot therefore be verified.

June 2014 Minutes

July 2014 Minutes (Special Meeting)

July 2014 Minutes

August 2014 Minutes (Special Meeting)

September 2014 Minutes

September 2014 Minutes (Special Meeting)

October 2014 Minutes

November 2014 Minutes


The following Minutes were not prepared by the former Clerk, and some of the associated meetings were not convened under the proper procedure. Therefore their accuracy and compliance with Regulations cannot be verified, and neither can their approval.

The Minutes for December 2014 and various other meetings are missing since the Clerk was not in attendance and no record of the proceedings has been made available (despite this being a statutory requirement).

February 2015 Minutes

February 2015 Minutes (Special Meeting)

No further information is currently available to publish on this website. Minutes of more recent meetings and any other public Council information can be obtained by submitting a Freedom Of Information request to tina.wcpc@tiscali.co.uk

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