Annual NALC Conference

(National Association of Local Councils)


The Annual NALC Conference was moved forward to May by the organisers in 2008.  This change was not welcomed by us since May is a busy time for the Parish Council Members & Officers due to other commitments such as the Annual General Parish Assembly, preparation of end-of-year accounts for audit, etc. However, despite the inconvenient short notice, Councillors Pauline Cordery, Dalip Rajput, Dave Davies (Chairman) and the Clerk took the time to attend the event in Eastbourne. Councillor Cordery's participation was particularly appreciated since she is a new Councillor and this was therefore an important training exercise for her.


These three day events are very useful since they provide an opportunity to gather information on many of the issues that Parish Councils have to deal with in the course of their duties. As always the delegates attended several workshops and drop-in sessions and visited various trade stands, all of which provide additional information on items such as planning, recreational provisions, anti-social behaviour, the environment, and legal issues.


One of the major benefits of such conferences is the chance to talk to fellow Councillors from other areas and exchange ideas and experiences. It's interesting to learn some of the problems other Councils have and how they deal with them, and also how other Local Authorities interact with each other.


The knowledge gained from these events is shared with all Members and Officers, for the benefit of the Parish.



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