The purchase of a trophy for each school in Wexham Court was approved by the Parish Council in early 2006, following a proposal from Councillor Davies, as part of an initiative to build upon the good working relationships that the Council enjoys with fellow establishments in the Parish.


On the 25th July 2006 representatives of the Parish Council (Henry Egan, Dave Davies and the Clerk) attended the end-of-year Assembly at Wexham Court Primary School to present the first Citizenship Award to Year 6 student Avneet Virdi in recognition of his achievements as a special pupil.

Avneet was chosen by his school due to his hard work and outstanding behaviour as a prefect, and his good manners and consideration for others.  He had no idea that he would be receiving this award, together with the accompanying personal trophy and gift card, and he was therefore very pleasantly surprised when called upon to receive it in front of the Full School Assembly. 

2007/08 update

On the 19th October 2007 the Citizenship Trophy was awarded to Ryan Thomas and was presented by Chairman Dave Davies.  I was unfortunately unable to attend the event so no photos are available.  Ryan was presented with a gift card and personal trophy as before, which he was equally surprised to receive. 

2008/09 update


The third deserving recipient of the award was Year 6 student Sian Brennan, who is a hard working pupil and acts as an excellent role model within the school.  Sian is also a member of the School Council and was recently appointed a prefect.    The trophy and gift were presented by Chairman Dave Davies on the 1st June 2009.  Councillor Robert Aldridge also attended the presentation and took this photograph.


2009/10 update

Bilal Ur-Rehman received the Citizenship Trophy from our Chairman, Dave Davies, on the 31st March 2010.  Bilal is a very caring and helpful pupil who is a Year 6 student and a member of the School Council.  He works well with others and is always supportive, and his peers enjoy spending time with him due to his cheerful personality.  He is making very good progress academically and has a particular love of history.

Regrettably, no photos of the trophy presentation to Bilal are available.


Wexham Court Parish Council would like to express our hearty congratulations and wish all these outstanding students every future success.

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