Wexham School creates work of art for Parish Hall


Wexham School made regular use of the Parish Hall during 2008/09, having hired the premises pending completion of their building works.  This included relocating their art activities to the hall since the existing art block was demolished during the process.  Prior to leaving the hall and moving into their new studio some of the students and the art staff kindly created a backdrop for our Main Hall Stage by painting a mural.  Various designs were submitted to the Parish Council for approval and the final piece was chosen because it was felt that it best represented Wexham's multi-cultural community.

The artists who contributed to the mural are as follows...

Students: Gemma Green, Zoe Green, Nicole Jackson, Jeevan Panesar, and Avneet Virdi.  Staff: A Knapp, M Chandel Kumar and Y Museud.

Wexham Court Parish Council congratulates all those involved, with sincere thanks for their time and effort in creating this eye-catching piece of art.

Wishing the current and future art students at Wexham School many happy years of inspiration in your cool new studio.

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