An elderly resident in Norway Drive who was recently widowed needed to get rid of a large old shed in her garden.  The shed had become unsafe due to some of the supporting structures and roof starting to rot, and her husband had been unable to demolish it as he was unwell for some time before he passed away.  Parish Councillor Carl Egan and his family stepped in to take up the challenge.

Carl arranged the project to coincide with some leave from his full-time job and he got stuck in with the assistance of his brother (Chris), dad (Henry), grandparents (Shirley & Bert), mum (me... Dianne... the Clerk), together with the resident herself and her brother-in-law.  The team attacked the shed and its unwanted contents armed with saws, sledge-hammer, crow-bar, etc, and dismantled it piece by piece.

Most of the demolition work was carried out by Carl & Chris (affectionately dubbed the 'heavy-mob' by me!), whilst the rest of us collected up the pieces and tramped back and forth through the house to pile them in the front garden ready for disposal.  A bonfire was then lit to burn the remaining smaller pieces of wood.  (Note: you won't see me in the pictures as I was the one with the camera, recording the job as it progressed).

Having reduced the old shed to a large pile of debris, we then spent the weekend removing all the wood, etc, to the refuse/recycling tip in our three cars (two of which are fortunately large estate vehicles) and left the gardens clean and tidy.



All in all it had been very hard work and was an exhausting few days, but the weather was dry and bright so this made the job more pleasant and we all had some fun.  The resident was astonished that we had managed to get the shed and all the rubbish cleared away in just a few days and she was full of praise for all our efforts.

Congrats to everyone for a job well done!

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