Several of the Parish Councillors, and the Clerk, regularly carry out inspections of the Wexham Court Estate.  This provides an opportunity for us to identify any problems that may arise, and also to meet with our residents on their home turf.

(Picture, left:  Councillors gathering for the walkabout near the Parish Hall, photographed by the Clerk)



The photos here show the walkabout that took place on Saturday, 15th January, during which a team of six of us walked the entire boundary of the estate.

(Picture, right:  Some members of the team heading along Wexham Road service road)


We started in Norway Drive and proceeded along Church Lane (and through the new Linden Quarter); along Wexham Road to Clarendon Court; through the alleyway to the Frithe; out onto the Uxbridge Road and Dawes Moor Close; and then back down Church Lane, finally cutting through the estate to return to Norway Drive.

(Picture, left:  Councillors and Clerk arrive in The Frithe, photographed by the Chairman)


It was an enjoyable outing, despite the grey and blustery weather conditions.  Various issues were noted along the way and we were approached by several residents, some of whom just stopped for a chat and some who had specific items to discuss with us.

(Picture:  The Chairman attends to a loose drain cover on our way back, as darkness falls)

If you look out for us in our hi-vis vests you will see one or more of us out and about on a regular basis.  Please see below for subsequent group walkabouts that have taken place...

Saturday, 26th February 2011

Councillor Peter Gerstmann organised another group walkabout on the 26th February, and four of us braved the very wet and miserable weather to venture out around the estate.  A further outing has been organised by Councillor Patrick Donachy for the 12th March, when we sincerely hope the weather will be kinder to us!!

(Picture:  Councillors proceeding along The Normans in the wet and windy conditions, taken by the Clerk)


12th March 2011

The weather was much more hospitable for this walkabout which took place as scheduled.

12th September 2011

A further walkabout was arranged by Councillor Carl Egan and the items highlighted included problems caused by a derelict house in Knolton Way; a detached fencing panel at The Cherries Play Area; overgrown hedges around Wexham Court Primary School; and unsecured garages attracting vandalism at the Edmunds Way garage site.  Please note that the Parish Council is able to resolve some items through direct contact with the relevant people or establishments, but other matters can only be reported to the Borough Council since they are beyond our local control.

19th November 2011

This walkabout was well attended and was arranged to identify key areas for verge protection measures to be put forward to Slough Borough Council.  The Parish Council notified SBC that we were willing to contribute part of the funding for necessary measures to prevent abuse of our green areas, with a view to improving the overall appearance of our estate.  A resident consultation took place to ensure that our residents supported an initiative to install parking restrictions in some areas.  Double yellow lines were subsequently put in place by SBC in the areas of Wexham Road and The Frithe, but other parts of the estate could not be included at that time due to budget constraints.

21st May 2012

Councillors Carl Egan (Chairman), Harjinder Singh Gahir (Head of Finance), and the Clerk carried out a walkabout on 21st May to highlight matters requiring attention.  Several items were referred to the Community Warden Team to resolve, and other items were followed up by the Clerk and Members.

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In addition to the above Councillors Dave Davies, Carl Egan, Harjinder Gahir and the Clerk frequently walk, cycle or drive around the estate at all hours thus enabling us to identify any visible problems and address resident's issues.

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Further updates will be added to this page as and when information is made available to me.

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