Wexham Lodge

a little piece of history

The Wexham Lodge is one of our oldest and grandest landmarks, nestled in its own private grounds to the north of the Wexham Court Estate.  The original part of the house (to the forefront of the above picture) is around 200 years old and it once stood at the heart of a 22 acre farm estate.  My, what changes the Lodge has seen in its long life!!

I haven't yet been able to research the earliest history of this beautiful building, but I do have some information that was kindly given to me by one of the current residents.

The Lodge was once the family home of the Barclay brothers, whose first bank was in nearby Uxbridge, and the stable block is on the site of Wexham Nurseries (which has sadly now been closed by Slough Borough Council for yet more development). The Barclays extended the original building and this is how it remains today.

The estate was sold in the early 1950's to the local authority.  It was soon after this that Wexham Court Farm (Council) Estate sprang up, and a fence was erected around Wexham Lodge.  The picture to the left shows the entrance to the property.  Over the years the name of the Wexham Court Farm Estate has mostly become abbreviated to 'Wexham Court', or just 'Wexham'. 

On a personal note, my parents were allocated the house which lies nearest to the Lodge (which we have always called 'The White House').  I was born there, and my folks are still living there today.

An advertisement for the property sale appeared in Country Life Magazine on November 2nd, in 1951.  The property was also advertised by Woodbridge & Sons in Uxbridge, and was auctioned by Buckland & Sons of Windsor.

In 1984 the Lodge was converted into flats by property developers and so it has now become a little community of its own.  I am told that the view from the roof is stunning and you can see for miles..... perhaps one fine day I might just have the cheek to approach the appropriate owner, with camera in hand.  Watch this space!!

Today, Wexham Lodge is not only appreciated by the residents of Wexham but, being so prominent from the air, it is also used as a landmark by pilots!  It is officially listed within the Borough's Local List of Buildings of Architectural and Historic Importance.

Further information on the history and origins of Wexham in general would be welcomed.

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