Opening of Wildlife Garden

Wexham Court Primary School

An invitation to representatives of the Parish Council was kindly extended by the Primary School to attend this event on the 23rd June 2006.  Councillors Dave Davies, Henry Egan, Simon Goddard, Cheryl Hemming, and myself were happy to go along and we all had a very pleasant morning.

We were most impressed with all the hard work and preparation that had gone into this project, which has provided an environmental study area for the pupils.

On entering the school it became immediately clear that the main theme of the project was the study and conservation of wildlife.  The reception area had been decorated from floor to ceiling with various displays, models, and study articles that had been skilfully created by the children and staff in relation to National Insect Week.  This theme continued as we were escorted through the dining area, where a variety of bug models hovered from the ceiling, and out into the garden where we were treated to further exhibitions of the pupil's work.


An audience had gathered under the shade of the old oak tree and the children gave splendid music & dance performances for the entertainment of the visitors, after which the wildlife garden was officially declared open by Judith Marshall of The Natural History Museum.


(This picture courtesy of Wexham Court Primary School)



A pathway has been cleared through the wooded area next to the oak tree, creating a nature trail which provides an excellent haven for insect life.  Walking along this shady pathway of overhanging branches brought back fond memories for me of the similar trail that I enjoyed with my peers when I attended the school in the 1960's.





Many congratulations to all the pupils and staff of Wexham Court Primary School who helped to bring this project to life.

Article and photographs by Dianne Egan, Clerk to the Council (except where otherwise stated).

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