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written by Councillor Dave Davies, January 2007

Here in Wexham we are lucky in that we live in one of the best areas of Slough.  I say that because the estate is characterised by ample open space, green verges and trees, and gives the impression of being a rural rather than an urban estate.  We are also fortunate that the estate has an efficient Parish Council, whose Members, Officers, and staff work hard for the people of the Parish.

The Parish Council has recently spent a lot of time (and money) on improving the estate for the residents.  Renovated tennis courts and an updated children’s play area have been provided and are constantly in use; the Parish Hall is constantly being improved; housing repairs have been followed up; and many other problems on the estate have been dealt with.  We now have an excellent Beat Bobby who has become well known around the area and has a great working relationship with the local people.  However, all this hard work is continually being undermined by a few idiots who feel the need to destroy or damage whatever is put into place!  

Within a week of the play area being finished graffiti had being written all over the equipment. What’s more the Clerk to the Council, whilst putting up notices asking children not to play in the area due to wet paint, was given a mouthful of abuse by a couple of parents who had lifted their little darlings over the locked gates!  This goes to prove that it’s not always the youths who cause the problems… it’s sometimes people who should be old enough and intelligent enough to know better.

In addition the grass verges in some areas are now starting to look like The Somme due to vehicles being constantly driven over them, despite the new bylaws.  It never ceases to amaze me that some of the people who want to move here to Wexham because of the pleasant character and open areas that we enjoy on the estate, seem to promptly proceed to destroy it when they get here!!  The Parish Council continues to lobby Slough Borough Council to enforce the bylaws and effect prosecutions against habitual offenders, and we are assured that the necessary process to achieve this is in the pipeline.  

Despite the mindless damage that is inflicted on Wexham by some individuals, the majority of the people treat the neighbourhood with respect and no doubt feel aggrieved about what’s happening on their estate.

It’s a pity we can’t bring back the stocks (European rules notwithstanding).  Then the idiots mentioned above could stop running amok and focus their energies on throwing rotten veg at their fellow offenders….. whilst the rest of us set about restoring Common Sense, common decency, and consideration for the Community as a whole.       

Each and every one of us has a part to play in ensuring that Wexham retains its status as a safe and respectable area.  Parental responsibility is also of vital importance in controlling the activities of our youths, and ensuring that they are not involved in any illegal or intimidating behaviour.

So, please, if you see or hear of any illegal, suspicious, or unacceptable activities going on in the Parish either contact one of you local Parish Councillors, the Community Warden Team, or the Police.  Alternatively, you can phone Crime Stoppers free (and anonymously if preferred) on 0800 555 111.

Councillor Dave Davies

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